Debbie Hayes, Faux Artist

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'd give an arm and a leg to do work like this. Or to know anyone in India who does this kind of work. Seriously. Debbie Hayes calls herself a faux finisher with a passion for design. It shows. Discovering her blog fauxplusdesign was like stepping into a wonderland. You will see why.
Debbie says she just stick left over imitation silver leaf above her bed directly on the wall to acheive this effect. Read how here.
That seedy thing on the left emerges into this elegant piece of shelving after Debbie Hayes was done with it.
Close up of the shelves
Read about this project here

And now comes the stunners. This is what happens when 2 creative people meet & work together. The following pictures are when Debbie Hayes met with Judith Altman a jewellery designer & they had a shoot with Judith's jewellery on backgrounds which Debbie Hayes created. Art on art.

I am beginning to believe Debbie H can do anything under the sun.
To enjoy more of their magic together click here.

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