Hand-drawn transformation

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've surfaced after long, but this was one post I HAD to make. I got a mail this morning from one one my earliest and most regular readers, Anrosh, who writes the most interesting 'Indian Yarn'. In the mail was a link & once it opened- wow. This was so cool. No more gushing just see how this man transformed his basement.

"When Charlie Kratzer started on the basement art project in his south Lexington home, he was surrounded by walls painted a classic cream. Ten dollars of Magic Marker and Sharpie later, the place was black and cream and drawn all over. FULL STORY"
Kratzer might be a lawyer by day, but in his off hours he is a man who has taken the artistic influences and heroes of his life and imagined them onto his walls, that he might keep company with them while he uses the pool table.
"Kratzer's basement suggests that the great cultural influences wandered out of college humanities class — here a Churchill for eloquence during harsh times, a Joan Crawford for cinematic vampiness, Holmes and Poirot for great literary characterization — and set up shop together in the carefully hand-drawn markings of an educated imagination come to life.
"Their Picasso spends each day close to their pinball machine. Agatha Christie's shrewd little Belgian detective and his carefully pruned mustache hover over the deck door."
To see the 360 degree view of this space and to read the full article click here.

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