My 1st hand-painted tray

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is the 1st tray I designed & painted. All the others came after this one. I don't have pictures of the earlier avataar, but it was a lime green and yellow one with such tackily painted leaves that each time I saw it I itched to give it a new look. So one fine day I just pulled out my paints and brushes and started. Sharing a few pictures of how I started and how it finally looks. I'm no great artist but what the heck- I had fun :) I was using a brush after more than 10 years.

I have a fondness for lotuses & prayer flags, so they had to come in.
Filling colour into the petals- it looks incomplete...
So I carried forward the stripes from the blue into the yellow with an intricate but very simple pattern. And added clouds over the prayer flags. It still looks incomplete...So the cloud moved up to spread acrossAnd the stripes climbed further down to cover the edges of the tray.
And now I'm done!
Its really thanx to the internet and blogging and artists like Jessica Gonacha & Dithi Chakraborthy that I even thought of trying something like this. Check their work out- its sooper inspiring (just click on their names).
Coming up next are some new decoupaged tray designs that I just finished making.

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