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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Today is the day I get to breathe between two spells of super hectic activity. I'm learning a new way to live- where I used to do twenty things in a day, life has suddenly decided I must do 42. Well. I ranted, complained, and then decided all of that is a waste of good time and energy & my new tactic is just to quietly do do do do. Oh, so now I need to do 62 and not 42? no, I'm not scared, bring it on. And I will DO.
In the same spirit, I have decided that I will blog irrespective of my crazy job list and I hope the powers that be are listening. Today I feature Eduardo Recife from His layered, many patterned work strewn with hand-drawn squiggles has completely caught my fancy and his FAQs in the 'about' section of his site makes for really interesting reading :)

One of the title visuals on Recifes site. Isn't it beautiful? And I've just realised that for 2 posts in a row my 1st visual is a horse ( I wonder what that signifies ;)
Map of the interior world. I love the juxtaposition of shapes, geometry, pattern and visual.
What Recife says about his site : "Misprinted Type is online since 1998. It is my playground! It started at first as a way to simple distribute the fonts I was creating back then. Later on I decided to also put some collages and drawings... Today Misprinted Type is where I put my ideas together, either in the form of a simple text, a collage, a drawing or a typeface. Everything you see here is my personal works and projects, there is no client, no brief, nothing... Call it design, illustration, art or a waste of time, for me its a theraphy, a hobby and what makes me happy."
Give to get back
Bright Side

Where did hope go?

For NewYork Times: Generation OMG
His drawings are to die for.
You must check his site for the details on this one. 'Whatever it meant to be"
Queen of hearts

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