Arabic Calligraphy

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've long been a fan of Arabic Calligraphy & it is my dear wish to own a piece of it in any form one day. Typography and its use in all aspects of living, be it decor or furnishing or wall surfaces is hugely fascinating to me. And Islam is of a similar opinion ;) which is probably they have calligraphy everywhere. On a more serious note, "Writing is given pride of place on all kinds of objects--objects of everyday use as well as entire wall surface, mosque furniture, the interiors and exteriors of mosques, tombs, and al-Ka'ba, the most famous sanctuary of Islam."

This is poetry, I have no clue what it says, but look at the sweeping and lyrical strokes.

Calligraphy is an integral part of Moghul & Islamic architecture

Please click on the visual to see more of the detailing
There are 5 classical cursive scripts- Deewani, Kufi, Farsi, Req'aa, Naskh & Thuluth.Poetry on stone.
And talking about poetry, its rare to find people who write Urdu poetry in urban gen next India. My friend Gunjan Pai is one such rarity :) Those interested can read her soulful verse on her blog 'Shukraana'

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