Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dell Art House, Mike Ming

As an antithesis to my previous post & actually as an antithesis to my entire blog so far, I just want to share this completely kickass looking set of laptops (!!!!???!!) Yes I said laptops. Its ok, once in a while I can post about things connected to technology, but I will tread on safe ground and only show pictures. No gyaan will accompany it :) Presenting the Dell Art House- special edition laptops.
Red Swirl
Seaweed Sea Sky

Bunch O Surfers

So for all of you who felt there was no 'colour' and 'design' in the laptop world, look no further. Mike Ming says this is "as close to a tatoo any computer can get" :) And this is the much accomplished mans site.


bindu said...

Lovely designs on the laptops. How creative!

bhumika said...

Wow! these are so cool!

KMP Furniture said...

Wht a modern art !!

shuma.rani said...

I wonder if Toshiba will be inspired by DELL :))

KMP Furniture said...

Fantastic !!


That was innovative...great designs..
liked your blog..
this is my first visit..
me too blog
do visit..


Interesting.It is a skin, right? You can get quite a few options for your phone & laptops.So cool.

bhumika said...

There's an award waiting for you on my blog :)

Krista said...

Love your blog. So amazing that we're a world a way and yet can see a bit about someone's unique perspective through their blog. So, you've been 'tagged' on my blog Luminous Life. If you feel like playing, read Sept. 12th entry for details.

vineeta said...

Bindu, neat arent they! :)

Bhumika, thanx a ton for the award, this will be the 1st award this blog has got :)

kmp furniture, thanx!

Shuma Rani, Im wondering how many will imitate this trend & hoping they will ;)

vineeta said...

Man in Painting, what an interesting blog you have!!

Embellisher, looks like its skin, or maybe printed on.

vineeta said...

Krista, I went across to you blog & absolutely LOVED it! WHat is really interesting is the person you are. I will be away for a bit, so I will do your Tagged post as soon as Im back!!

Krista said...

So glad to meet you, even if it is in 'virtual reality'. I look forward to
reading your "tagged random facts" when you get back. Also looking forward to more of your wonderful posts via artnlight!

Möbel in Hamburg said...

i like the sea sky design, it perfectly fits my personality.