Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ok, theres going to be no gyan accompanying this one. It just is. Peaceful, calm, Zen.

"Smile, breathe and go slowly... " Thich Nhat Hahn.

No, no I dont suffer from any multiple personality disorder. A bit of calm I've decided won't do me harm :) And the design practice is on :)


Calie Anderson said...

Hi Vineeta, I love this one! The use of typography is so strong!!! Have you seen Stefan Sagmeister's blog? Things I have learned in my life so far. The link is below, but you must visit the site. He lets people upload their imagery and quotes on this particular topic. I added the Dive Deeper one, but plan to actually take this idea on as a project containing a series. Anyway, go check it out; I'm sure you will LOVE it. Here is the link.

vineeta said...

Calie :) I'm really happy u think this one is strong on typo.
I posted on Stefan Sagmeister a while back when I attended the Design Yatra, and even took his autograph :)
I must check his blog. Thanx for the link- I'm dying to check it out :)! I loved your DiveDeeper & will look forward to the other things you will do in the series. Isn't this great? Hadn't I started blogging I'd never have known u :)

Vinita said...

hahaha"no gyan in this one".

I love everything that is "buddha"
Brilliant use of colors. Different shades of green on white and highlighted with black. The font so stylish. And the expressions on Budhha's face with his closed eyes and raised hand for blessing..absolutely to live for.

Total Nirvana.


vineeta said...

Vinita, your comment leaves me in no doubt that you love it :) I'm happy :)

Felicia said...

You make me want to study graphic design.
Thank you, thank you!
I will be on vacation in the U.S. and Europe for about two months and am currently thinking of studying design as well as photography in Asia next year.

Would you recommend India?
The world is wide open for me, I can do and be anything, anywhere. So far I'm thinking Japan, Denmark or Sweden (I speak Swedish) India, France, or....

Your insight is always welcome as you combine design, compassion and intelligence.


vineeta said...

Felicia, I love what u do with your photography and your blog, so what a compliment to hear u say I make u feel like studying graphic design :) I think I will smile all day :)
Your question is serious & its important to get the place where u study right. (Its a different matter that most of this is largely self taught.) I will write back to your mail id on this one :)

Anrosh said...

This one will make a great poster.

Felicia said...

Thank you so much Vineeta!
I await your certainly wise and insightful reply.

Love the latest entry of yours, it's so true, profound.

Ciao Bella!


Felicia said...

my email is

Ciao and thank you!


Felicia said...

Great new poster!

So, any thoughts about my last question to you?



P.S. seriously considering moving back to Europe to study photography.

StyleAddicts said...

Hey Vineeta,

This one is amazing. I am oming back to your blog after a while and totally fell in love with this buddha poster. I love the meld of the colour, the image and text. Enjoyed it!

StyleAddicts said...

Hey Vineeta,
I am coming back to your blog after a bit of a break. I loved this one. The buddha, the green, all perfect!


vineeta said...

Style addicts, Thanx a Ton :)