Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Since I'm going to be away for some 15 odd days, since I'm determined to post today, since the net at home is not working (the squirrel my mom feeds has eaten the net cable!) since I've been stressing over what to post and since I won't do it but as a last ditch option- I'm posting on white today. The non colour. The colour from which all the colours in the spectrum come forth. White is zen. White is peace. And may there be a lot more of it in all our lives. Amen :)

White and fun
I'd really love to be the one sitting here...sigh...!
Vintage white

Smart white
Cheery white :)
Serene white
Bold white :)
Strawberry white
Fire white
Calm white

and most importantly - restful white.
Images from Decor8, House Beautiful and my nameless collection :)


Bhavna said...

You can not go wrong with white :-)

As much as I love color, I think the base/background should be prinstine white..

take care Vini...see you soon!

Vinita said...

No post for 15 odd days??? well you could have shared your plans with us and that would have been a great post.hehehhe.

The squirrel who my mom feeds ate all the cables.. that was ssoooooooooo funny vineeta. It was the most original excuse for not doing I am sure lot of kids in US could use that, because the homework is mostly online. But on the other hand I guess all the cables are underground so may be not.

This reminded me of a marathi charoli. I am not sure whether you do understand marathi still i will quote.
Denaryane detach rahave
ghenaryane ghetach rahave
Gheta gheta ghenaryani
denaryache haatach ghyave.

Looks like your squirrel is from that category.

You go and enjoy for those 15 days.



I adore white. I love a 'gallery' feel to any room. I think white is so chic and appropriate for every home. I love white sheets and towels. (Like a hotel). I love white shirts and white cotton pants. white teeth. White cake. I love white!

vineeta said...

Bhavna, yes, its the safest and the smartest colour :)
And yes, I will be back in about a weeks time from today :)

vineeta said...

Bhavna, yes, its the safest and the smartest colour :)
And yes, I will be back in about a weeks time from today :)

vineeta said...

I was in Goa for the advertising fest & am now headed to Munnar for a weeks holiday- if I am successful in borrowing my friends camera- there will be posts & pics :)
Squirel- not an excuse- I saw him eating away at it!But yes it does sound interesting- so I shared it with you guys :)
And I LOVED the 'charoli' u sent. I understand marathi :) I've gorwn up here in Bombay & Marathi was my 3rd language :) Yes its truly a case of "eating the hand that feeds you!!!!" to put it clumsily :)

vineeta said...

Liberty post editor, I think I've happened to post about a colour that everyone loves- great! I hoped u enjoyed the images :)

Chandan said...

Hi Vinita,
Lovely post...I think a completely white interior is very difficult to put together, it is even more difficult to maintain the whiteness- resist temptation of colouring things up just a the pictures you've put together. get back soon

Chandan said...

oops I did it again...
I confused your name with Vinita, Vineeta.. noted now for future purpose.

DesignFlute said...

Hi Vineeta,

you know I love whites and so love this beautiful post too!

Know very well abt overdose of blogging! Me too back from busy months and abcence, hopefully!

Just take care!and come back soon!

dushy said...

Beautiful post.Beautiful blog.
Beautiful is the word.

Hi Vineeta!

This is Dushyanth Sridhar from BITS,Pilani.I am simply amazed by art and architecture that we possess.

Great work! :)

bhumika said...

Hi vineeta, back to ur blog after a long time and what a lovely colour to be welcomed with! my room's white too, with a li'l bit of peach here and there. It's so soothing to enter that room after a long day.

you'd been to goa fest?! luckyou. where are the pics?

vineeta said...

Chandan :) its ok - no stress :)

vineeta said...

roma, blog vacation zindabad !!! :)

vineeta said...

Thanx dushyant :) keep dropping by :)

vineeta said...

Bhumika :) the Goafest rocked :) but I went without my camera- so no pics :(
But will soon blog about other interesting places I went to with my camera :) Coming up soon :)

Peggy said...

Ha, ha! A convert! I was so surprised (but delighted) to see this post.

Peggy said...

Also - Vineeta, I don't think white is safe at all. It can be very daring and bold. I think beige is the safe color.

vineeta said...

Peggy, I did think of you when I posted & I stand corrected :) you are right. I feel it takes courage to live in an all white space. Its just that the popular perception is that people would rather have white walls than experiment with colour- it just came from there :)

studio wellspring said...

so much lovely white inspiration in one post. i'm just loving it!
yes, more zen and more peace ~ to you and yours, and everyone everywhere!

Anrosh said...

white rules !

gunJan said...

what a lovely concept, so many colours of white:) i love it, vinee its such fun reading ur posts

vineeta said...

Angie, Yes there is much need to Zen everywhere :) I'm glad u liked the pics :)

Anrosh, yes it does :)

vineeta said...

Gunj, thanx :) I always love the way you notice everything & make it a point to say it - thanx :)