Windows: Looking in and out

Monday, March 31, 2008

Taking a step back. Looking at life. In and out. I've been busy doing a lot of that of late. And that's one of the reasons I haven't been posting. (Apologies, apologies!!!) Aren't windows so much like that. Perspectives, light in, sight out? From inside windows give you views of the world outside. And from out it gives you a peek into a home, a way of being, a slice of life. Have I told you guys I have an obsession of looking at other peoples homes? Anything will do- the way the plants are parked on a window sill, a fluttering curtain, the ceiling fixtures, a hint of a frame. I'm happy to take in any detail. And when I speak of windows I can only think of my flickr friend Marion's (Lunalunita) work. Here's a peek at MANY beautiful windows from her world, Palma de Mallorca- I can't have enough of it :)

Beautiful walls

Pretty drapes...
Architectural detail...
Plants galore...

Lovely balconies...

And interesting shapes. And some of Marion's pictures are SO framable. She's got a brilliant eye for shapes and colour.

You can see more of her beautiful work here.
And here are some images of how interesting life inside can be :) Whites let the attention remain on the focal points in the room apart from letting in loads of light.

Bold stripes can become the focal point in the room.
A touch of fire to a warm colour scheme.
Stripes are fun! And so are veggies & flora for a dining room :)
A t shirt collage curtain! what a fantastic idea!(from flickr)
Pretty airy drapes for a pretty room (gettyimages)

And this here is my favourite! yellow tie-ups to go with the bright bananas :)
Images from various decor books, blogs and websites.

p.s: An honest confession. I think I owe my regular readers that. And you can see its added as an afterthought. It is :) It doesn't come easily to me to make confessions on a public forum. But I had reached a point where I wasn't sleeping enough, sleeping way too late and my health was going to the dogs. And since I'm an extreme sort of person- all or nothing- I just dropped off the net. I'm finding my balance. I hope to come to a place where I can do my work, blog often & still take care of myself. Wish me luck guys :)

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