Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall colours in Decor

Ok, this is a completely impromptu post I am putting together- inspired by a really nice and thoughtful mail sent by a regular reader of artnlight- Vinita, to Archana from Rang decor and me. Here's what she said "I have been reading your blogs for quite sometime now and really enjoying it. You girls enjoy color and nature both so here are some beautiful fall colors for you to enjoy." And this is some of the mood lifters she sent.

Considering fall colours happen to be my fav here's having some quick fun putting nature and decor together.

Splash that wardrobe with Red to see instant drama!

Peachy tones warm heart and home

Red with a dash of green on the cushions brighten this corner

Dine around yellows and bring in the sun
Pumkin shades bathe the walls with a touch of limey green in the corner
And finally, nothing like sleeping under autumnal leaves! I love that effect on the wall!

Images mostly from getty, these are from a time when i had no clue I would start a blog, so some of these pics are from my archives, saved from god knows which site! Apologies..

Psst: Archana-Rangdecor is currently putting together this series of DIY Diwali Decorating Ideas- do check it out, she really has a knack for creating instant eyecandy!


designflute said...

great mood rooms!
(your apology makes me laugh as I have go through the same situation quite a few times!)

designflute said...

great mood rooms!
(your apology makes me laugh as I have gone through the same situation quite a few times!)

Arch at Rang said...

Hey Vineeta-
Thanks for putting up this post by Vinita...she sent me a comment saying the mail bounced back..
Glad to see it here:-)

Lovely images of colours and textures!
Thanks to Vinita & Vineeta;-)

Vintia said...

Hi Vineeta,
What a cute way of giving a recognition to your reader's mail. I am glad I checked your blog right now before going to bed because tomorrow morning I am going to Ohio won't be able to check anything till sunday.
Arch.. what's your email address? I tried the one on your profile but for some reasons its not working for me. Today was halloween night and even after distributing tons and tons of candies I still have 3 huge bags left which I am going to enjoy.


vineeta said...

Designflute thanx! :)

archana, you are welcome :) I had a spot of instant fun :)

vineeta said...

Vinita, I was very touched to get that mail :) Also it was fun to do it cause anyway I had so many pics with the similar colour schemes :)
And I WANT CANDIES TOO! :) Think of me while gobbling them :) Have fun!

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Lovely Colors! One of the best ways to put a color scheme together is to pull from nature.

vineeta said...

Calie I agree - Its also a lot of fun :)