Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Mirrors reflect, double and most interestingly take what they set their eyes on and wear it. These qualities can make it one of the single most versatile and effective decor solutions. Without a lot of rambling, here are some amazing examples :)
This strategically placed mirror breaks the brickwall to reflect and double the beautiful chandelier
A mirror on a rickly coloured wall becomes a bright spot that reflects lighter tones. This smartly placed floor mirror almost makes it look like a doorway to another room!
There's nothing like a period frame that comes from another era.
Or double it up with the clean lines of a simple frame
Many mirrors are a good idea..
Interesting shapes make interesting reflections
A triangular mirror (at my place) was a nice find.
Even a simple mirror in the kitchen just livens things up..
And here are some amazing shapes & sizes from House & Gardens just to prove what a great decorating idea mirrors can be. This is my favourite..
Anything would look brilliant framed in that.
white works wonders..
This red will defintely stop anybody on their tracks..!

Images from Wary Meyers, The Ultimate Design Sourcebook, Gettyimages & House and garden


Anrosh said...

Light and its reflections - Is there anything better? - I am all for the first picture

Reeta Skeeter said...

The RED one is fairest of them all :D

Smita said...

Very beautiful! I love them all.

But can you also post on how we (ordinary souls:)) can get/make beautiful stuff such as these(and others in future)?

vineeta said...

Thanx anrosh! Im a succor for both.

Reeta skeeter, yes it is rather dramatic :)

vineeta said...

Smita, The idea of these posts are to plant an idea in our heads. And you will notice that the next time you go to an exhibition, you will probably look for mirrors or see them in a new light, you never know :) The picture with the orange wall and triangular mirror is from my house. And i didnt even go looking for a mirror, I saw it & just picked it up. The same will happen to you :)
Also I promise to keep posting on places that keep interesting stuff like Loose ends. You are from Bombay aren't you?
If so, so currently there are 2 exhibitions going on, one at Bandra Reclamation grounds & the other - The Times Decor etc at Bandra Kurla complex. Do check it out, u never know what you'll come back with :)

Smita said...

Thanks :) Yes, I am from Mumbai.

And OMG - your home looks so very pretty! Why not show more?

vinita said...

I agree with smita. Your home is gorgeous .. whatever little we got to see of it. In fact that was the only picture out of all those that you had posted. The color on the wall (is it dark teracotta..spell check pl:(( )the boder of the mirror, the perfect height at which it hangs, the lamp with its unique lampshade, the small frame above the mirror.. everything just comes together and forms a zen like corner. I really thought it must be out of a magazine. As smita said you need to now post pictures of your own home the way you had posted a few a while back.

vineeta said...

Smita, vinita, thanx a lot :) Like some creative people tend to be I am a little sensitive and critical when it comes to my own house :) Right now there are some changes that are going on, post which I will post some pics. (I dont believe i have actually agreed to do it??!!!)

prado said...

Amazing varried mirrors put together. So did you actually seen all of them!!

vineeta said...

Prado, thanx! I've seen some of them on the net and in some books I have, its mentioned in the image credits :)