Aarti Karwayun Chawda's Art

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am excited. It is not everyday that I get to write of an artist whose work is new, startling in its use of colour and tradition and makes me want to wish I had done it. To see Aarti Karwayun's work is to see an artist in the flow, having fun, it is to see someone discovering and unplugging a whole large part of her that she always knew existed, but had no idea how to get to. It is to see someone make peace with who she is and where she is from. It is to stand up and say, I am bold, I am gorgeous and I'm ok with that. When I spoke to Aarti this morning, I realised how important freedom is for her and now it all makes sense - because that is what I see in her work, I see license, that an artist gives herself, finally, so she can just have fun. Aarti Karwayun Chawda is a Kashmiri who has grown up equally in Punjab and Jaipur, and then moved on to work in Bangalore. Her formative years in Jaipur totally reflects in her comfort and authority with the Indian aesthtic. And now just get ready to get your brains blown.
This is the 1st of Aarti's work I saw. The Fearless Poster Collective series she made for Shilo Shiv Suleman's campaign. And before I could blink here she was doing, making, creating, week after week, new things, gorgeous wall art, illustartions, furniture, windows, she was drawing herself onto every surface she set eyes on it would seem.

 Art within & without. Notice the painted iron latch on the frame.

 More than anything I love the texture Aarti brings to her work.
At some point in the conversation, she told me that she believed, "things just don't happen, you've got to do things to make it happen". I agree. Especially for us creative people, there are so many ideas, putting it down on paper, letting yourself see it with your physical eyes, is so important. In this regard I find Aarti's work and effort and volume completely inspirational. She exhibits this coming week at ART BENGALURU, 16th-23rd August, UB City. I wish I were in Bangalore, I am not, but all of you who can, do go, and meet this amazing artist. Like I said, its not everyday that you get to see an art like this or a chance to meet the creator, in person :)
For the lesser fortunate who can't make it to ART BENGALURU, this is her website ispaceart, and this is her FB page, browse to your hearts content. And get inspired.

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