Resting and coming back.

Friday, September 07, 2012

And I'm BACK :) Was in Kerala resting and putting right many things that needed looking into for a looong time now. The timing was not great, I had made announcements for a month full of activity and give-aways here celebrating this blog's 5 year anniversary. But what had to be done, had to be done. And the good news is I am back, well rested and more enthusiastic than ever before to celebrate this blog. And my blogger friends who have lined up exciting goodies for you have all waited patiently with words of encouragement and inspiration. I truly cannot tell you how many times I thank the powers that be for giving me the good sense to start Artnlight. How else would I have met, known and become friends with such amazing people.
A few pics from Kerala at home that I clicked just for all of you, and proper posts will follow :)

It feels good to be back :)

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