Paper Source, Santana Row, California.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

There is a lot of the U.S. trip that I haven't blogged about and in the days to come I hope to rectify that. This post is special because it would not have been possible without this blog. I met Sindhu Rajaramji Iyer through this space, she is an artnlight reader and when I went to California, she and her husband Ramji Iyer picked me up from my friends place and took me home for a fantastic home cooked lunch and to this amazing store called Paper Source in Santana Row. It was filled with the most scrumptious paper products I have ever seen. They also had a brilliant selection of beautifully designed books. As a designer just thinking about it is a powerful shot of inspiration along with being just plain happy making. 
 This store made me think of how we don't really use a lot of paper products in India. In general we have no concept of Thank you notes and no one uses greeting cards beyond school and maybe junior college. It also got me thinking that maybe its a good thing because imagine how much paper would get consumed and used if a population like ours got to doing this regularly. That said, the diaries and books had the most interesting, lovable an innovative concepts. It really got me thinking about designing on paper seriously.

I was so excited to see and touch Papaya products for the 1st time. I have long been a fan of their work. 
Couldn't resist clicking pics in front of this gorgeous wall :)

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