Featured in Ideal Home and Gardens & Kyoorius Design Magazine

Friday, December 30, 2011

With so much happening recently, I'm afraid I have let some really important acknowledgments and Thank you's go by. One is to Neehar Mishra and the Ideal Home and Garden Magazine for such an in-depth coverage of my work, be it my decor assignments or my products. I was amazed to see page after page of my work beautifully laid out.

And the 2nd and very important Thank you goes to the prestigious KYOORIUS Design Magazine. They invited me to write a column on my creative process & for this I am especially grateful to Bindu Nair of the Kyoorius team who told me to just say it like it is (I had my reservations of giving a serious design magazine, where serious people write serious things about design, a 650-1000 word piece on what comes instinctively to me) But I wrote it & Kyoorius was kind enough to send me a personalised copy of the magazine, apart from putting me on their cover. Like, wow!

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