Monday, December 19, 2011

'The Desire to Inspire' book launch evening in LA, Santa Monica

What an experience this past week has been. I'm posting from Dallas (my brother's home) and letting the enormity and simplicity of last week sink in. I have just come back from the most unbelievable evening of my life and I am jet lagged. But I have to make this quick post. There will be many others, because guess who has taken 3 million photographs. This is my 1st time in the U.S. of A and I must warn you, I'm not going to be cool & understated about this. I am just stunned by the cleanliness and orderliness and complete prettiness of all that I have seen of this country so far. And seeing this place maybe begins to help me decode the unbelievable way that Christine Mason Miller functions. She came to pick me up at the airport and took me to her home which was hosting 4 more people who flew in from different places for the book launch. For the next 3 days that I spent with Christine I had the privilege of seeing how everything has a place in her gorgeous home which was an extension of all that I had known of her and her work online. All the groundwork and planning was in place by the time we arrived and I remember what a happy time we had putting the goody bags together. Preplanned, prepared and yet completely ready for all that shows up. It was her vision, clarity and intention that made the Desire to Inspire launch evening the magic that it was.
Because Christine had told so many people that "Vineeta is coming all the way from INDIA" I got an especially warm welcome and was made to feel like the celebrity from India. It was beautiful speaking to the many many people who came for the launch and it felt even more unreal to sign copies for the book owners.

The venue: Ambrose Hotel, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Christine Mason Miller with Jennifer Lee.

I wish I got some more time with the inspiring Pixie Campbell.
This one is not sharp, but it is the only picture I have with Christen Olivarez & i think both of us look happy here :)
Grace Moore

I don't know what is dearer to me from my LA memories, the dinner and discussion I had with Christine & her husband on the night I arrived, or the many conversations I had with Christine at her dining table, meeting and hanging out with Mindy Tsonas and Liz Kalloch (contributors) at Christine's, or meeting the quiet and amazing Maya Stein and Mellissa Piccola. Or laughing non-stop because of the irrepressible Grace Moore and Lisa Occhipinti (do click on the links, because they are each formidable women of substance)
But the one thing I will really take back from my time spent watching Christine is how she makes the improbable possible. And how gracefully and easily she does it. Only she really knows what goes being making the ease possible. But when I see her I know that some day, one day, it will be possible for me & for each one of us; if we have an honest willing heart. And the courage to do its bidding. And that is what the book Desire to Inspire is really about. It has got me to this amazingly beautiful and inspiring country, had me meet and be a guest to someone whom I admired from afar. It has given me the gift of possibility.
All photographs clicked by Justin Davanzo & me.


Shri said...

:-) Wish you a wonderful holiday season!

pRiyA said...

Yes, Vineeta, this is an incredible end to 2011 and all.... but what I really really came here to say is this: Look at your beeeeeeaautiful hair!!! It makes me utterly proud of CURLY wurly haired people. They stand out in a crowd and they dazzle with their curls. You make me SO chuffed to be part of the club too :-)

Kala said...

Vineeta, what an amazing experience:) So happy for you! Happy Holidays!

Swirly said...

I adore you, lovely Vineeta, and your coming here has also shown me what is possible. What a gift you are!!

Gunjan Pai said...

My dearest Vinee, this could have been a personal email to u but I so want everyone to read it that I must leave it behind as a public comment on ur blog. So here's what I want to say: The best thing about you is that you are so innocently unaware of ur own silent beauty and power. So much that u may have often wondered what makes u feature in a book called "Desire to Inspire". But I think the title very succinctly captures a very large part of u. You silently inspire me - and I m sure u have the same effect on a whole load of other people who know u or who want to know u. In the past so many years that v have been together, I have had the happiness of knowing u and bonding with u in such close quarters. And the way I have seen u rise is phenomenal - one baby step at a time. I am endlessly inspired by u. "If you can make one heap of all your winnings. And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss..." this is what I have seen you do, and this is the courage I will always learn from u. I see this book and honour as a turning point for u, as a completion of all that u have striven to do for this long, and also as a fresh beginning into newer, bolder ventures. Vinee, I am happy, super-duper happy to have u in my life :D in this life and many more :) thank u universe for making us meet :D

Sudha said...

Hey V
Congratulations...feels wonderful reading about what u saw and did... i can feel ur enthusiasm :)..have fun and take care

Kamini said...

Awesome and CONGRATS!! Cannot think of anyone who deserves this more than you! I've told you before...your blog was my first design blog experience and the one that inspired me to start mine. Way to go girl, rock on!

Shalini said...

A huge congratulations Vineeta. You must be so proud and deservedly so. A very Merry Christmas to you!

vk said...

Congratulations! Wonderful inspiring post, Vineeta... ditto Gunjan Pai... I have been a huge fan of your are indeed an inspiration to many :)... Enjoy the US of A ;-)... Wish you a very happy new year with more such amazing experiences coming your way...... Vani


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