Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Angel in Mumbai

I must be mad. There are twenty thousand more important things to do. Even if I wanted to blog, there are other things that I aught to blog about, this interesting decor project someone sent me, my new artnlight products, other important news that I aught to share with you, but no. The only thing that makes it here is this completely beautiful angel that came home on my birthday. I am besotted. So pardon the many many pictures I will inflict upon you.

I apologise for this illogical repetitive shots of this kind of irresponsible stuff - and promise it won't happen regularly. Another reason is the new Canon 50mm lens that I got myself. Damn. Everything looks SO good through it.


pRiyA said...

Murano gilaas angel?!!! Totally understand the repititive shots! Beautiful!!!

pRiyA said...

Did I say Murano gilaas in the prev comment?
Murano glass!

Sudha said...

wany number of your lovely images are always welcome dear :)

crypticrow said...

oh, you are forgiven! :P
the angel is absolutely oh-so-adorable! love the detailing and colour. belated birthday wishes. hope you had a lovely time :)

GB said...

Oh fret not sweet Vineeta! I loved each picture and pose! (I'm sure there are many heads nodding their ayes of approval in your audience!)

Your Angel's lovely! And Happy birthday!

Sound Horn Please said...

What a lovely gift! Hahahahah! You are completely entitled to indulgence on your B'day!

Anamika said...


Absolutely forgiven for the repetition. But not for your usage of the word 'aught'. I think you meant ought :) :)

p.s i love your blog!

deepazartz said...

Gorgeous Angel!!! Lovely snaps:)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Vineeta!
well belated birthday wishes!!
Hope you had a nice day and heres wishing you a great year ahead with success, luck and happiness and of course more lovely posts and products for us to read and sigh over.

minal desai said...

It was totally worth our time. And having the luxury to deviate from standard items is the liberty one ought to take with one's own blog. Loved it !!

Seeking Dalit said...

beautiful angel, hope it takes care of you

Designwali said...

looks fantastic.

vineeta said...

Thank you all for the appreciation & for the birthday wishes :)
Anamika, My spellings have been atrocious through school. And now my readers suffer my ineptitude's! Apologies :) I will make the correction :)

Nishtha said...

Hi Vineeta,

Its been a pleasure reading your blog.

I would like to share an international business opportunity with you. If you could drop in a word at then I could share the details.

Looking forward to your response.