Hello 2011! and the stunning Elle Decor Anniversary Issue.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank you each one of you for the beautiful comments you left on my last post. It really touched me so much. My computer crashing and a very busy schedule conspired towards this long hiatus from this blog. But I'm back! and so happy to blog. So here is sharing pictures of Elle Decor I shot on the 1st of January. The minute I set eyes on the stunning cover of the 10th Anniversary issue of Elle Decor, I knew it will be a special one. I spread one of my mom's sarees & in a last minute stroke of inspiration pulled out my chunky beaded necklaces & shot the magazine.
These images stopped me dead in my tracks. This is the work of Karen Knorr, fusing animal shots with analog photography. Her website feels like walking into a very quiet, elegant and imposing art gallery with quirks round every corner.

Elle decor credits Tasveer Arts for the images (I feel compelled to do the same & to that end have dutifully dug up the links)

This issue is just so full of colour & sumptuousness. This is the picture of a resort in Marwar with a focus on sustainable living, maintaining etc
Love the way this page comes together
And now for the house which completely caught my fancy. 17th century architecture, rich colours, baroque furniture and the artist owners passion for history makes this home a stunning homage to where it originally comes from.

"None of Heather's larger pieces of furniture could move up the staircase, which meant she was left with hoisting her furniture up with rope and pulley.""Scouring local fairs and markets she has put together a cherished collection of antiques and artefacts"
And these because I thought you might like a closer look at the props: This silver (brass) leaf is a very recent acquisition from a very small antique stall in Bandra. And this necklace is a favourite bought many years ago handmade by the super talented Colette Austin. (you can take a peek into her office here)
My mom had an ironical remark to make about this one "Finally these pieces see light of day" :)

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