Being a Book Fairy and some Ordinary Sparkling Moments

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Being entrusted with a treasure like the *Ordinary Sparkling Moments* and being book fairy for the 100 Book Project is a beautiful responsibility. After sitting on the book for a really long while, all the time debating if I should leave this amazing book in a store for someone to pick it or if I should carry it to Bhuj or if I should leave it in a friend’s house at a party; there was one face, rather there were these 2 faces that kept popping up in my mind. So for once instead of going by the book (and after crossing checking with Christine M.M.) I went with my gut & decided to give the book to these 2 amazing artists & creative power houses, Colette Austin & Yvonne Shekhawat. I have known Colette for many years now & everyone in advertising knows them for their iconic work that have built brands for over 2 decades. And for all this they are the sweetest and the most genuine & soft spoken people I have had the privilege of knowing. The bonus is that you will also get to see glimpses of their huge old world heritage meets uber chic office “Colette & Yvonne” which was the backdrop for this episode of the 100 book project.

The more I thought of it the more it seemed like the 'right fit'. 'Ordinary Sparkling Moments' is so much about the journey of an artist & living with everything the word 'artist' entails. The tag line reads "Reflections on Success and Contentment". Christine looks back and forward in this book through every page with much honesty, grace & courage. It seemed all the more appropriate that it be placed in an office that stands for that architechturally & in the decor sense. Colette & Yvonne have carefully & lovingly recreated a space that meshes the old with the new, while honouring all the beauty in the old. Christine Mason Miller's gift is finally placed!!
Yvonne’s cute daughter was also present in their office that day & they all oohed & aaahed over the book together :)
I shouldn’t have been surprised, but still the warmth and love with which they welcomed 'Ordinary Sparkling Moments' was so touching.

Colette and Yvonne are both famous for the large dose of quirk in their personality & you can see why :)

Close to the heart is how Colette & Yvonne held 'Ordinary Sparkling Moments', the cirlce was closed & a bookfairy slept well that night.
And because I know you must all be itching to have a better look at Colette's & Yvonne's office coming up is a small post on it :)

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