Monday, December 20, 2010

This was a preplanned one. What we didn't plan for was the beautiful place we finally stayed at (we got late with our bookings & didn't manage to catch the places we would have normally stayed in), we didn't plan for the absolutely soulful quiet time we had there. And we most certainly didn't plan for falling in love with our most trusted 'guide'. Matheran is the most cliched place one can go to from Bombay. Its close by, its really beautiful and it is also the place where everyone and their mother lands up. So when one of our friends insisted we go there cause she had heard so much about it, we said ok, thanking our stars it wasn't a weekend. And my only hope for novelty was the place we stayed in. And Fleedwood house didn't disappoint. But I have so many pictures from there that that's a whole different post. For now sharing some nature and pictures of our most handsome faithful guide.

Matheran smells of Horse dung, which is also its charm among most other things. It is one of the few hill stations in the world where no vehicles are allowed. So for people not upto the trek, and for horse lovers, horses are the only way of transportation, apart from man pulled rickshaws.

He took us to the most amazing places, some of which were not on the map.

And if you thought matheran was all colour and red mud, here's a morning shot with all the hills silhouetted. And I just realised that this is the 1st 'nature' post on this blog :) No monuments, no art, no design, no decor. Except the place where it all came from.

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