New Beginnings

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This probably the most personal post I've ever written. 2 years back when I started blogging if someone told me it would change my life, I wouldn't have believed them & if someone told me it would change my career graph I'd have laughed out loud. But that's exactly what has happened. I just loved this world where I could write about all that I loved, meet many people across the globe who thought like me and who were inspired and moved by things that inspired and moved me. As I met more and more bloggers online who were following their heart, doing the things that they wanted to, there was a part of me who was dying to do the same. I kept writing about things I liked- And somewhere down the line I started doing more than that. I started 'doing' and 'making' things that I liked. And that's when things started changing for me.
I got an opportunity to take part in an exhibition for which I created things that I never knew I could make. The sales were good but I still didn't think too much about it. As usual I posted about it on this blog & that's when the response started coming in. There were orders & shops were writing to me and many of you wrote to me individually as well with your orders. And suddenly it looked as if this thing had a future.
So this is the month, my readers, that I go independent. Where I make a transition from being an advertising art director to an entrepreneur. I have just said goodbye to about a decade of corporate life. To smell the salt of freedom. To do what I want to do.
It is exciting. And scary. What if someone just told you, you could live your dreams, and suddenly your dreams were not your dreams anymore but your reality. I feel a bit like that now. Like I'm standing on the threshold of a whole new life. A life where I really don't know how things work, where I need to learn most things that are absolutely essential to function. Its like going to country you've always wanted to, things look beautiful, you are happy, but you don't really know the language. So I will learn, cause here is where I want to be.
Yes, it does mean this blog will be more active :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the future. I know this part of my journey will be beautiful, and all of you will be a large part of it. Wish me luck :)

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