My 1st ever exhibition cum sale

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This post brings NEWS! These past 3 weeks have seen me busy busy busy, working round the clock. This last Sunday, June 7th I had my 1st ever exhibition cum sale. It was small but it meant a LOT of work in a very very short time. When my good friend Pakhi Mohnani mentioned this exhibition she was organising, Riddhi and me were like- "lets do it!" I was determined that I put in my best and this meant sleeping on an average of about 3 hours per night for 3 weeks, lots of planning and lots of work. I put up some of my black and white pictures and my designs which I featured here on this blog, but what I was really excited about were my decoupaged boxes and trays and some new wall art I've been wanting to do for the longest time. But for me things only get done with a deadline in sight and this exhibition was exactly that. I wanted to post but between work in office and work at home, I'm afraid I just didn't manage to do it. I knew so many of you might have been interested in this news and might have even wanted to come, but I just so didn't get time to upload anything. When everything got over on the morning of the exhibition my one BIG regret was that none of you knew anything of it, because I hadn't told you. I also didn't invite too many people, just some close friends. The organizers did the rest. Part of me still can't get over the fact that I had an exhibition, part of me is still diffident and a little reticent about the whole thing. But I have taken pictures through the process and just yesterday I downloaded all of them. So in the following posts I will share with you various stages of the preparation and creation of all that got put up. But 1st things 1st, here are some pictures of the stall.

I shared the stall with Riddhi. So these are my trays and her books.
Riddhi keeping her books.
My decoupaged boxes. This pic doesn't do the boxes any justice. Close ups are coming up in the next post.
Some of my wall art. Close ups coming up :)
Some of mine and Riddhi's photographs
Riddhi's books.
Riddhi's prettiest, cutest little books
Some of my smaller frames all stacked.
Close ups of some of the work coming up next.

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