Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Riddhi Desai's Notebooks

I know I've kind of dropped off the blogging map- lots of excuses- lots on my mind, lots of work, lots of things cooking behind the scenes. But we will leave all that for a moment. I have something I'm super excited to share with you'll- some really kickass books designed by my close friend Riddhi Desai. All these are personalised books custom made to the individuals preferences or at the least its Riddhi's take on these people and what they will like. And for once I won't save my most favourite image for the last but show it 1st. I was completely touched and dumbstruck when I saw my book. Guys, here's the 1st piece of art artnlight has earned.

The cover is wood and is hand painted by Riddhi. I *LOVE* the hinges!
Unconventional hand done binding by Riddhi
Inside of the back cover says 'Create'. I've been carrying a regular book where I jot down my ideas and scribbles. I can't wait to start using this one :) The best is I spoke to Riddhi and I can re-use the cover with a fresh lot of pages when this lot gets used :)
The back, again painted on wood by Riddhi.
I absolutely *heart* this cover. I love the way she has written 'sunshine'
The sunshine book with sunny bright pages in it. If you will notice she has used coloured paper for the inside ages to go with the theme of the cover.
This is another very special book cover designed for a friend who is a brilliant designer ( I will be sharing her work her on this blog- SOON!) Its based on her favourite Beatles song "Across the universe"
Isn't it neat how she has visualised "Thoughts meander like a
restless wind inside a letter box
they tumble blindly as
they make their way across the universe "
I love this eclectic mix of colours for the inside pages.
"Choose what you want...."
And "you get what you choose"
Bright red felt cover with sunny yellow pages within.

This is another book that I really loved. A beautiful handdrawn butterfly on pretty pink.
Interestingly spreads across the spine

This one is for a friend who is a complete style Diva and specialises in make-up :)

This one for a nature lover
For the story teller among us :)

This colourful cover has the letters 'Abundance' floating in between the happy dots of colour.

This makes such a colourful picture.
A raw silk cover with an elegant key as book mark.
And look at these darling minis. They are little books Riddhi has made from left over paper.Lovingly collected fabric goes on to make a brilliant book cover.
Little animals hand-drawn by Riddhi
And I love the back cover with one person atop an animal- cute!
This elegant cover simply says love, much like who the book belongs to.
And this book belongs to 10 month old Grace.
And isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? :)

Now for some great news! Riddhi is taking orders to make these brilliant books, so you can contact her at 'riddhi@theblueskys.com' for your very own customised book :)


Sharmishtha said...

Absolutely lovely, stunning stuff :)Riddhi and Vineeta, this stuff is just so great. I hope this goes on to become a phenomenon.

vineeta said...

Sharmishta, Isn't her work sooper cool? Even I am hoping it will become a phenomenon :)

Gunjan Pai said...

my god, so much interesting talent - do tell riddhi I loved her books:)and dat i will request her to make my notebook next yr - u know which one:)

Shalini said...

Wow, what great talent. Love all of them!

loopooloop said...

woah clap hoot cheers riddhi is a star. am a fan.

vineeta said...

Gunj, I've been dying for you to see Riddhi's books :)

Shalini, will pass the compliments to Riddhi :)

Runjh! YE! Our Riddhi is a star star star!!!! :)

Preeti Menon said...

This is certainly worth the wait. Beautifullllll

Economy Class said...

love riddhis work. the book with the hinges is awesome. Big big fan

Aditi said...

Very, very creative and gorgeous! Love how you are showcasing so much variety in art and creativity!

Patricia Torres said...

OMG... what talent!! This is soooo amazing!! Her books are super cool... Thanks for sharing this one.. its great!

Robyn said...

I covet the first one.It is so droolworthy!

Prem said...

they are gorgeous!!! well done nu!

pRiyA said...

these are such fun!!! i love how each book has its own personality.

deepazartz said...

Stunning pieces of excellent artwork!!! Each one is a rarity and so striking. They all are cute. You'll treasure them!!!

First time here and I love it! I love all your pics and the artworks. Very nice to have 'met' you.

Do visit my blog www.deepazworld.blogspot.com
Hope you'll find something there:)...at least get a glimpse of my world!

Have a arty day!

aimee said...

these are gorgeous!! i can't believe one person made them all. i especially love the polka dot cover and the letters carved out of felt!

Arch at Rang said...

Superb work!

I am amazed at her talent:-)


vineeta said...

Preeti, its good to see u here :) I knew you'll love her stuff.

ZEEE, isn't it sexy? :)

Aditi, Thanx so much! :)

vineeta said...

Patricia, you're welcome!

Robyn, I totally lucked-out on that one- its mine :) I just feel so privileged to own it :)

Prem, Will pass compliments!

Priya, I was telling Riddhi about your redbook project- Yes, Riddhi's had fun with these & it shows :)

vineeta said...

Deepa,For some reason my internet is terribly slow right now, but will totally check your blog out soon :)

Aimee, yes, one person made it all, but she did it for different ppl & she is very versatile :)

Arch, I was hoping you'll see it soon :)

Sangitha said...

these are such cutties!!i want all of them.Iam amazed what novel ideas ppl can get.Riddhi,they are absolutely stunning!
Vineeta that was a real treat to the eyes!

deepazartz said...

Will wait Vineeta:) See I bac to chk out your blog! You do have nice stuff here:)

Anil P said...

Super designs, the notebooks will induce a person to use them.

bhumika said...

Loved your book vineeta -the hinges make it all the more appealing. and also like the envelope idea - so very important for those whose ideas meander like the wild wind :)

Great work Riddhi and thanks vineeta for sharing these with us :)

Kim said...

Congrats on your Pecannoot spot today. I loooove your poster and thoughts....just what I needed to hear. Great blog and I love the books by your friend. Really gorgeous and unique. I'm definitely going to follow you blog and I look forward to more!

perplexed said...

wow! amazing! is there anyway I can buy these? :) I just love each and everyone of them..so much that I am not even able to pick a fav!

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Vasudha.dilip said...

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Incredible talent.

mathatheist said...

Lovely work Riddhi. :)

khandeparkar shailesh said...

good work.& i love colours also.

Sheeba K said...

stumbled across this post, love the notebooks. simple & beautiful. Where do you retail these?

Vibha said...

For some time at least I could not believe what i saw here! It's versatility and talent at its best...Vineeta, I am already a fan of your space and it's only my first time here..Will follow your writing from now on..Keep up the amazing work..and yes, I so want all those beautiful notebooks for myself too..yours is the best though ;)

Yuti said...

Riddhi is really inspiring herself and this blog keeps me hooked onto it!!

The Unknown Traveller said...

I have NO words.
This is talent beyond praise.
Like I said before,zillion times already,I want all this stuff.Where may I pick it up from?I put up in Delhi.

madhavi said...

Amazin work.. actually theres no word in any vocab that can be used to describe her talent.. rly!! hats off!! pls pass on my compliments to her!!!