Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jess Gonacha's Pecannoot

I've long been a fan of Jessica Gonacha's art and blog 'treasuring' & now she's gone & done the most brilliant thing possible. In these times when people are loosing their jobs and worrying about finances and future, Jess's new blog 'Pecannoot' is all about Abundance. Here she puts up abundance related designs & visuals that help bring more of it in each of our lives. In Jess's own words-
"we think in pictures. we all have desires and dreams. we all feel discouraged sometimes. what better way to lift our spirits and bring our dreams into being than through pictures? this blog is for that. it's for me and for you, so we can paint and draw and photograph and collage our abundant reality!"
Some of Jess's illustrations you will see on 'Pecannoot' A girl with a halo of "YES" around her head. How much more we would end up doing if we said more yes's in our life.
This one is my absolute absolute favourite. Please click on the image to see a larger version of it. It says "There is more than enough for us all" and the little chits in the overflowing basket read "for you" "and you" "for her" "for him" "yes her too" "for me".
This one reads "Why don't you just go for it? (Don't listen to the answer that comes. Its just an excuse)"
"You are perfect just the way you are"
Don't these pieces speak straight to your heart? And you know the best bit? She is inviting artists to submit, I just did & am so so so happy to be featured. This is very close to my heart. Design that makes me feel better/helps me and does the same for the person who sees it is important to me.

Good news 2 is that Jess also has an Etsy shop filled with all manner of her beautiful art. Click here to take a look. I love her colours and her style.
"i am a firm believer that as our thoughts go, so goes our life. what if we only had thoughts of things like diamond trees? wouldn't that create such a world of abundance?!"

"it seems to me like we're all trying to reach the same destination in life: happiness. it also seems like there are infinite paths to get there, and no two paths are the same. we each have to find our own way to it. this print is a visual interpretation of that idea."

She sells pretty 2009 Calenders, Its not too late to get yourselves these little pretties.
Beautiful hand-drawn scrap book paper pack.
And aren't these buttons to die for?
I respect Jess cause she is prolific & consistently produces beautiful work. I have been following her blog treasuring & she updates it often & puts up her work week after week. She is at it all the time. I don't see how 2009 will not bring her an abundance of abundance. Like they say "The harder you work, the luckier you get"


Dithi said...

Bonjour Vineeta, my 'Baba' has sent a word for you, and I back that completely, your posts are extremely sensitively constructed and you beautifully adorn an artist's work with your brilliant presentation. Jess's work infuses such positivity and energy. Your illustration fits in so well. Thank you for such unconditional support to fellow artists. Love. d.

vineeta said...

Dithi, Your 'Baba' sent a word for me? :) I'm so touched. Just when I was thinking I sound shrieky and fake and that I must 'tone it down'. Thanx so much.
Isn't Jess's work just amazing? I love her colours and style and the whole concept of 'pecannoot'

Paula said...

I found you through Jess' treasuring blog and peacannoot! and I love your work; such a wonderful mix of images and powerful quotes. Truly inspiring!

aimee said...

i ADORE jess's artwork and can't say enough about how talented and prolific she is. i loved your contribution, too, and can't wait to see more of your inspiring artwork here! :)

vineeta said...

Paula, thanx so much! your appreciation makes my day :)

vineeta said...

aimee, amen to that! I'm planning on creating and submitting more designs to 'pecannoot'

jess gonacha said...

Vineeta, you are so awesome! Thank you again for posting this-- I'm honored and flattered and excited! And yes, get those images over to me asap so I can post some more of them! :)

vineeta said...

Jess will do. this coming week is when you will get it :)
And you are the one who is awesome :)

Anil P said...

This is inspiring. And yes, people do think in pictures, and most things are in the mind.

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Vinee. WOW.. her work is AMAZING.
So inspiring... tks for sharing this incredible artist.

You are always so kind with everyone, the way you write your posts.. is trully beautiful.



Fatma said...

Hi Vineeta

I am so thrilled to have discovered your beautiful blog.

I live in Toronto and my husband is from Hyderabad. I am of Indian origin too and love anything and everything Indian and all things beautiful and abundant.

I will come visit again.


ranuzia said...

lindos...estampas maravilhosas