Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aradhana Nagpal and Dhoop

This will be my second post on Dhoop, Bandra's fantabulous gift & decor store. And I had promised a tete-a-tete with Aradhana Nagpal, the brains behind that show. After many months of co-ordinating schedules, we finally met. Whatever I may have expected Aradhana to be, I had not expected someone so young and I had certainly not expected to meet someone with such a tremendous academic background. Background not withstanding, what really shines through all that Aradhana speaks is her real passion and commitment towards Indian handicrafts and culture. This girl really feels for it. If I ever in some corner of my brain worried about the dying or dwindling of the enormous artistic heritage we have and what we are doing to conserve it, meeting Aradhana puts that to rest.

I love Dhoops large sunlit Balcony/Terrace
Speaking of Aradhana's qualifications, what began as an 'experimental' Liberal Arts programme in Ohio ended in a double major in Anthropology and Indian culture and History from Xaviers. After working with the NCPA and in India Book House, Aradhana just wanted to travel and get away from it all. (Me too, me too!) She headed straight to the North East. I have yet to meet someone with such a prfound love for a region as Aradhana has for the NorthEast and the tribes that live there. She just loves the Nagas. So after staying in the Northeast for almost 2 months, Aradhana came back to Mumbai- as she says "over the permitted weight by atleast a 100 kgs, I had shopped so much!!!" And that is how Dhoop began and it never looked back.
Dhoop has beautiful ceramic cups from which you can drink water

and coffee :)
The beautiful cups from Northeast.
Once you've met Aradhana you'll never see Dhoop the same way again. You will see it the way she sees it- as a beginning, as a journey, as a place where culture and art is celebrated. I heard her as she told me with childish excitement that Raghu Dixit had come down & and how they had cleared the centre of the shop and people sat all around and watched him perform. She was even more happy when Maoris from Newzeland came to the store. It is her dream that Dhoop will one day have a book corner where people can quietly read and there will be talks by writers and artists.
Every product in Dhoop is beautifully packaged and like Aradhana says "Every product here has a story behind it"
Tealights, mirror and incesce holder in the Jaipur pottery style

Dhoop's jewellery collection is to die for...

And its beautiful lamps promise to bring
Beautiful light

They have some neat storage solutions as well

But what I love are pieces like these. Fun unique pieces. This is a coin holder & you need to shoot your coin in- neat!
These are part of the Indian Board games series
I've never seen a Krishna with the serpent wound around him quite like this...
Gods galore...
Serene Buddhas
And an antique insence holder
This is the new Bollywood collection
Shree 420 Hooks can now beckon your clothes :)
Kashmiri papier-mache style painting but on steel cups!
Pretty beaded shell curtains
These butterflies are stunners
Stylish metal tableware and huge brass urns of all sizes
These snails stole my heart. Don't they look like the gentlest souls?
And I'll close this post with my favourite picture of these brass lamps which close like a bud and open like a flower. And I'd have completely missed it had not Mr Rammy Nagpal (Aradhana's dad) shown them to me, meticulously explaining how you hold the turtle head to open it.


~ ॐ ~ said...

Something similar has been on my mind for a very long time !!!

great work on display here !!!

very very nice and thanks a ton for sharing Vinnie !

kavitha said...

oh wow... everything looks so good. i wishh they had a branch in hyderabad.

~mE said...

Beautiful collection vin :) I have this craze for ceramic mugs

bhumika said...

Wow, the collection is unbelievable! Loved the jewellery, the lamps and ofcourse the coffee and tea mugs :) Next time i'm in mumbai, i'll definitely go there. Would have been nice if you would have shown aradhana's pic as well.

I really appreciate the fact that you especially take some time out to bring to us fabulous posts like this. Thank you so much vineeta! :)

Shalini said...

Fabulous stuff...I want so many things already!

Felicia said...

Is it crazy to want to go to India and photograph everything that is beautiful that you've featured on your blog?
Amazing! Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

Felicia, This Time in Seoul

vineeta said...

Prashant, i didn't get you... what's been on your mind?
And thanx for the appreciation :)

vineeta said...

Kavitha, WHo knows some day in the future they might have it :)

Sharanya, Don't I know :)

vineeta said...

Bhumika, The collection is truly incredible and I had a brilliant time photographing it :)
And your comments always touch me, thanx for that :)

vineeta said...

Shalini, thanx for dropping by. You've just echoed so many of our sentiments :)

vineeta said...

Felicia, no, its not crazy, I have felt similarly after seeing your blog :)

Arch at Rang said...

I can spend hours here:-)

Lovely collection:-)

arundati said...

wonderful post and kudos to aradhana..... Fab collection and pics too

vineeta said...

Oh yes Archana, you'll never know time passing in Dhoop, so i make it a point to schedule it for a saturday where nothing else disturbs me.

vineeta said...

Arundati, Thanx for dropping by & yes, Aradhana does a brilliant job :)

vinz-Q8 said...

thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures......by the way,i'm thinking of something after i saw those coffee mugs. i need to change my mug.
Keep up the great posts!

vineeta said...

vinzQ8, Thanx for reading 'artnlight' often & all your appreciation! Yes, why don't you look for a nice cup & if you wait for some time maybe you can even but one from Dhoop :)

Paavani said...

this is great collection.

Last one opening lotus lamp, I also bought some time back

vineeta said...

Paavani, glad to see you here! Wow! You have one of those beauties!

Gata púrpura/Nathalia silva said...

I love your blog, is really beautiful! is fantastic look this Ü.

Nandita said...

clearly its been ages since i visited the store...I had bought some colourful dyed floor mats from there - and I haven't visited the store since then.

Your post makes me want to go buy some of the things, especially the light blue pottery.

Nandita said...

it will be nice to provide the address and contact details of the place for those who haven't been here yet!

vineeta said...

Gata Purpura/Natalia, Its so cool to see you here! I'm happy u came here & are liking what you see :)

vineeta said...

Nandita, Please go buy the stuff :) She is the warmest person & has a brilliant collection of things. And Mr Rammy Nagpal will make sure you pick just the 'right' thing. And I'm sure you anyway know this since you've been there.

vineeta said...

Good suggestion- Thanx! Will incorporate their address in the post.

A Virtual Vegetarian said...

Love reading all your posts.....keep them coming!

Shivani Chander said...

wow what a collection, I want to buy the entire store!!!

nupurroopa said...


Came here from Chryselle's facebook profile.

What a lovely blog. Just read Dhoop and about Aradhana.

Will come here when ever I have time to read these lovely posts.

keep writing

Nupur Roopa