Monday, November 03, 2008

I've been Tagged again. And this time by talented fingers Embellisher, by the hugely interesting Krista of Luminous Life & by artistic Megha of Arth and Nitya. (If u are interested in reading my previous tagged entry click here) There have been a couple of others who've tagged me & my apologies to them for not linking them here. The deal is this- I need to put down here 7 random things about myself & tag fellow bloggers and keep all concerned in the loop. So here's my list :)
I'm constantly thinking of travelling. I'm happiest planning a trip, a weekend, a month, a year a lifetime full of travel. Take me to a new place. Make me happy.
I am Rajasthan obsessed. I will be going there soon for a 2nd time. I just know I will keep travelling to Rajasthan till I die and never have enough :) :)

I can speak 5 different (Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Gujrati) Indian Languages and not a single foreign one. English in my head is not foreign, its the language I think in.

From fill circle lines flickr stream
Net junkie, that is me. I can spend 24x7 in front of the comp. But I've consciously been taking it easy & therefore not blogging or flickering as often as I used to :)
This year has been all about change for me, I cut my long curly hair & coloured it. Im also a lot more 'dressy' now & am actually wearing some of the loads of jewellery that I own.
I used to be such a digital art person & that is changing. Whatever had to happen had to happen on the computer, but these days I find myself very drawn to 3d art, where I need to put things together, stick them, I find myself obsessed with texture & material and juxtaposition. Scrapbooking inspires me hugely & I'm forever drooling over Ali Edwards & Anahata Katkin. I have already done one piece of 3d art for my friend which i will feature soon here, so look out for it :)
I am just LOVING Ali Edwards' work

Anahata Katkin is blowing my mind!!!
And as I write this post, the hottest news is that I'm the owner of a brand new Canon DSLR :) My flickr won't languish anymore & oh maann how i missed having a camera. Its an update from one tagged to another, cause in my last tagged post I had actually asked you guys to help me figure whether I should pick a DSLR or just go for a high end point and shoot. You'll be seeing a lot of my photographs in the forthcoming posts & that's a promise.
I now tag fellow bloggers whom I've grown to like and whose work I admire: Felicia of 'near and far', Joanna D of LotusHaus, Prashant Bhardwaj of Chai ki Dukaan and Jessica Gonacha of 'treasuring'.
Images from Gettyimages.com, Google, aliedwards and anahata katkin's sites

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