Saturday, September 1, 2007

Framing Memories

We frame pictures & we also have softboards where all the things, people & moments we love come together. Here's a brilliant idea where the 2 meet. When I saw these pics in an old french issue of Elle Decor, my mind was just exploding with the endless possibilities of interpreting this idea in our own home.
Little gods, an antique neckpiece and a prayer.
Bring out the keepsakes shut in longforgotten little boxes.

A respected ancestor, family heirlooms and whimsy...

Little pieces of driftwood and shells from that unforgettable seaside tryst.

Shells with a touch of gold is art.

An ornate frame holds an interesting composition of beach treasures.

Change the mood. You in a clean white frame, black n white pictures, a miniature figure and green grass.

Botanical illustrations, stones, butterflies & feathers.
So don't wait, head straight to the attic, call up your granny, now grandad's antique mont blanc will find its place with his glasses & favourite mini globe, with your letter to him on your wall.


Anrosh said...

The french always has a spin on things. Their clothes and the people. It was nice to be around them and learn their language from them. At FIAF, I was more interested sitting at the library browsing than going to class.

Peggy said...

I love collections of things in shadow boxes. I have some Guatemalan worry dolls that my brother framed. Also, I have the people from my parents' wedding cake framed. I'll have to post pics to show you. I've been wanting to frame some of my designer toys.

I like the idea of framing a collection of objects, especially beads, shells, match books, postcards, etc. so much more than having clutter laying around.

Can't wait to see your interpretation of this idea. Hope you will be posting more of your home soon!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

These are so beautiful! I love your blog. I'll be back!

vineeta said...

Agree Anrosh, They do have a different take on things most of the time. My brother teaches french & tells me the french don't believe in working 9 & 10 hrs, but would rather just put in half but quality time :)

Peggy, wow! do share the pictures you are talking about- you did promise to post about yr brother's beautiful place- looking forward :)

Gillian, thanx, do drop by often :)

Vinita said...

Hi Vineeta,
Good subject. As peggy said I would also be interested in seeing your take on this one.

Pacchai Milagai said...

that is a super neat idea. great post

vineeta said...

Pacchai, thanx, I fell in love with it when i saw it too :)

Vinita & Peggy, I dont have any such frame in myplace as yet- or I'd have definitely featured it :) - but you guys have actually inspired me to do something like this- so guess what I'm going to give it a shot- not for my place but for my friends- whose place I'm helping design. Given the 2000 activities that r going on in my life , dont know when i will actually complete it- but when I do, U'll see it. that's a promise :)

Arch said...

Interesting post! Thanks for sharing!

Vinita said...

Take your time Vineeta but I know for sure that whatever you put together is going to be artistic and very inspiring for us readers.

gunJan said...

one of the richest posts in the blog - m amazed by the coming 2getehr of so many things 2 create fine compositions

vineeta said...

Gunj thanx :) I was really excited to post this myself :)

prado said...

WOH!!!!!!!!!! This is really cool stuff. Ausome idea too. Will try it out myself, nice way of gifting someone too. Great!!!!!

neha said...

hii nice frames where can i pic up some...kindly email me details on