Sunday, September 9, 2007

DesignYatra I

Thank you so much for all the interest you guys showed in knowing about this & that’s the reason I’m making it a point to post it today- hot off the press :)

As I sit here trying to give you guys some sense of what happened at the Design Yatra, in Goa, I’m thinking of the speakers who are the world’s best designers in different disciplines standing there- tall in their integrity, shining in their talent & most of all daring- to listen to their inner voice. We listened sometimes laughing, sometimes applauding & sometimes with a lump in our throat as they took us through their life and work with disarming simplicity, wit & honesty.

Entrance facade.

The venue was packed to the strength of some 1700 odd design professionals & students.

Guess what! One whole side of the entryway to the auditorium, they printed all the delegates names.

Look for me :) 2nd last line. 2nd last name.

The speakers.

Day1. Thats Stefan Sagmeister & Harry Pearce looking towards the audience. Its about to begin..

Davis Kester was clearly a most animated & enthusiastic presenter.

The graffiti wall

After 5 days of packed schedules & having fun- I’m bleary eyed & dying to get one whole nights sleep. So, I’m only sharing the venue of the conference here- all the goodies- i.e., the speakers and what they said, the seriously neat personlised kit each of us got, Goan architecture etc will follow in the next posts. So watch this space!


Arch said...

Hey, you are back:-)

I absolutely love the pic with the man with the camera and the yellow printed backgroud:-)
You shd post it to flick:-)
Looks like u had a great time...

kaps said...

waa vinieeta sundar blog

Vinita said...

Vineeta.. what a treat for you and us. Love the idea of having all the names printed on the yellow wall.

Peggy said...

I love the names wall and the graffiti wall!

Pacchai Milagai said...

looking forward to seeing and reading more about it..

Anrosh said...

drumroll please

vineeta said...

Archana, took yr suggestion- its on flickr :)
Kapil, thanx :)
Vinita, Peggy the our names on the wall was truly a super idea :)
Pacchai, Anrosh, Will definitely post more on it.