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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Bangalore chapter of my journey has been so many mixed things - jampacked, meetings people back to back, logistics, packing-unpacking, my products, stocks, friends, family but above all exhilarating and short. I have to go back! Being at the Sunday Soul Sante was fun - sold a lot and met a lot of new people who had never seen my work and the best of all is I met sooo many artnlight readers!!! So many of you came up to me and said I've read your blog and smiled at me so warmly, spoke to me - this was the 1st time I met so many blog readers in one day. Some of you travelled distances to come & meet me and some of you were just so surprised to see the 'artnlight' banner. The 1st one I ever got printed. Wow. When I sit here typing out these posts, its just as well that I have no clue so many people out there are reading and knowing me - I'd probably get stage fright & vanish or something :) Yes, I do see my google stats, but its also so easy to believe that the handful of you who comment here are the only ones reading it. I have been wanting to thank you so much for the amazing response to the 61c giveaway as well. There will be one more coming up soon!

  Capturing a few colourful sights in Bangalore

Working on quite a few exciting posts for the blog :) Stay tuned. You wont be disappointed :)

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