Friday, July 22, 2011

NEW - Coasters!!!

This is something I have been debating for the longest time & I have succumbed. After the world and its sister have asked me why I don't do coasters - where are the coasters, they would rightfully demand - here they are. I have been lazy and adapted my existing designs to the new size. Each coaster is 3.5x3.5 inches in dimension. I have quickly placed i them on the table and shot them in a row, as they were being varnished and finished. I will one day style my products and shoot them lovingly. I promise.

Speaking of adapts, here are some more: The Mahanagar box in a new square size - smaller than my usual size.
The kalaghoda tray looks like this in the rectangular version.

And these are my new "Coasters in Denial" had fun thinking them up :)
And since I like Vintage styled stuff, I thought why don't I bake a batch in this style.
Coming up is some more stuff that will be available at the ART BAZAAR, Sunday 24th July, 2011. 4pm to 1 am.


Amrita Tripathy said...

lovely coasters vineeta..! I want to see your lotus print special series in this..:)

vineeta said...

Coming up next Amrita :) I just posted the Rajasthan series & I read your comment :)

GB said...

LOVE the coasters in denial Vineeta!

boldface said...

Loved your Mumbai series as coasters. And ha ha, the denial coasters are very interesting! I like them better not with the vintage font though.

Shopo Team said... wants these too :(

vk said...

Love these coasters, Vineeta :)

bhumika said...

i'd always imagined your designs in form of coasters...and here they are!

they'll sell like hotcakes, i'm telling you. all the best for the exhibition :)

Anonymous said...

Found the coasters in denial series extremely funny :)

Good work


spoiltleo13 said...

Hi Vineeta, we met at the art bazaar show, Prashant's friend. I loved your work... and i especially love your blog... its always so colorful and fun!!!

Can't wait to see more of your works!

Ps: I love the coasters in denial!!


brinda said...

hey those coasters r super cool!!

Mama - Mia said...

LOVE the coasters! where can i email you to know the prices?