Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life & About my camera lost & found.

Went to Kerala for a quick trip. By train after a long time. For me the metallic smell of the trains always mix with the carefree memories of childhood and vacations.
I have a thing for trains & the geometry in stations. It would be great if one of my journeys is only about photographing railways stations across the country.

We thought we were going for an inauguration, but as fate would have it, there was a death in the family. Its always so debilitating to see a close one suffer a loss. All you can do is just stand by.... Came back to Bombay & left my camera in a rickshaw. And got it back after a day's heartburn and running to the auto stand and leaving my contact information there. And this is why I will always remain a die-hard believer in miracles and in the goodness of this city.
Kuldeep the guy on the right was the driver on that fateful night I left my camera & Manick on the left was the person I gave the no to at the rickshaw stand in Bandra. They co-ordinated between them & came together to return my camera. I was so touched.
It does. And life goes on. Only I feel so much more grateful for the things I take for granted.


Gypsy Purple said...

What a great story!!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Oh so glad you found the cam! I love railway stations too - they are colorful, busy and train journeys bring you in touch with people from different parts of the country..:)

pRiyA said...

Yes! Amazing things, wonderful and good things happen in a city. I am so so so glad you got your camera back, thanks to the two drivers. Bless them.

I came here to tell you that those first two pics blew me away and that I wanted an entire post FULL of train geometry pictures. Perhaps one day you will indulge me. And that labeling of the pictures - NEAT! You got loads of style woman, LOADS!

vineeta said...

Gypsy, I did have a crazy day living it though :) But all was well in the end. You have a great blog!

Sharon, you said it, i have a BIG thing for Sharon!

Priya, Trust me, maybe I might just do that sooner than later- indulge u with train geometry pics i mean. And thanx for what you said- u are the best! :)

GB73 said...

A story like this just warms your heart doesn't it? Similar thing happened to my husband a couple of years back- he was in D.C. for a conference, and left his carry on, with his passport and all his papers in the back of the taxi. He had to catch the flight back home, but left his contact number at the hotel. The taxi driver dropped off his bag and the hotel mailed it back. Incidents like these always reaffirm my faith in mankind. Bless their hearts!


Sudha said...

i m so glad u got it back...i recently lost my wallet here and have been praying for a miracle to so happy for was a generous gesture by the auto guys...nice to see we still have such people around

Georgianna said...

Vineeta, I so agree about train travel – there is nothing like it! I love your photos of the train graphics and would love to see you do a photographic train journey. Thank you for sharing the story of your camera, so uplifting. And I've just been going through your designs and am amazed at their beauty and life. Have a terrific new week! xo – g

This Time Now said...

My condolences for your loss and thank you for sharing for this story. I really do believe that people are kind and I frequently witness this here in Seoul.

Meera Vasudev Srinivasan said...

Definitely reinstates your faith in humanity and of course the wonder that is Mumbai doesn't it?!!

So touching!

Swirly said...

That is a great story!! So happy you got your camera back.

PreeOccupied said...

I am touched by your story. God bless them! Glad you got back your camera.

I once had a cabbie (in Bangalore) return my handbag - cash, bank cards, jewelry, house keys and even my phone! He even refused some money I was giving him.