Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I made this design for a very close friend. I just happened to see it today & I realised how much I need to see this right now.
"Change is the essence of life,
Be willing to surrender what you are
for what you could become"


Magdalena said...

Beautiful & brilliant!
Thank you.

Elisa Day said...


Fernanda R. Lima said...

Beautiful and powerful... this message is important for everybody. Tks for sharing.

vineeta said...

Magdalena, no thanx required :)

elisa, thanx!

Fernanda, yes its powerful and relevant.

lilfern said...


Anrosh said...

rock on..
good show !

LotusHaus said...

I totally needed this reminder! And what beautiful artwork! amazing!

vineeta said...

lilfern, anrosh & Joanna, Thanx so much for the appreciation :)