My designs for Nisha Sainani 2014 Spring Summer Collection - Part 2

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

As promised sharing with you more of what I designed for Nisha Sainani's Spring Summer 2014 collection, Sunshine, Freedom and a little flower. Flower power was the general theme and the colour palette was mostly bright pastels with deep colours only in a print or two.
I have a confession to make, in the middle of designing this collection some health problems showed up that are getting sorted but it kept me out of action for the most part, and I could not attend the launch of the collection. You can see the pictures of the lauch here.
Back to the prints - here you go.
A very vintage and romantic print. Which Nisha Sainani has translated beautifully into skirts, palazzo pants and dresses.
She has combined it with this fun and feminine leather bustier top to give the collection a happy twist.

This is my favourite design from the collection. A vintage scissor print mixed with geometrics and soft colours.

You can see more pictures of the collection here.

Working on this collection has taught me some important things: 
1. I can work in collaboration with a fellow creative person. The earlier me would have been scared to enter into something like this - because as every creative person knows, creation is an extremely individual process, where the result and therefore the credit is what gives the creative person satisfaction and identity.
2. The value of being open. And the importance of trusting.
3. The value of choosing the right people to work with. I learnt so much from Nisha Sainani, her gentle ways in combination of her persistence is such a unique quality, her capacity to truly multi-task, I saw her helping organise a huge wedding in her family and putting this collection together simultaneously. Without loosing it. Amazing.
I would love to hear what you think of this collection, and to the creative people reading this post, how tough or easy is it for you to work on a creative collaboration. I have really been thinking of this. 
Or actually collaboration of any kind. It involves more people than you and therefore the responsibility at every step is shared. As is the outcome. What has your experience been, I'd love to hear from you.

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