Made by Hand Exhibition

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Made by Hand Exhibition I participated on Saturday was a happy day. If I had any second thoughts about continuing my line of products (it seems everyone these days is making products and selling them online) they were laid to rest firmly. The amount of love, appreciation and respect that I got was a clear message to me. To stay on the path and to continue to do what I was doing. The fact that the event was organised by good friends Neelam Mulla & Neelima Kamboj was an added bonus & the happiest making thing being I shared my stall with Desiree Bradford, creator of Goodie Bags, and maker of the most yummilicious cakes & pastries.

If you want to buy Leenata's gorgeous art or see more of it, click here
If you want to order the gorgeous looking pastries and cake pops by Desiree, write to her at

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