Thursday, January 5, 2012

Heetal Dattani's Beetle and Bottle.

Children live in their imaginations, in their own world, which is full of the most engaging stories and imagery. Now if an adult could go in, take pictures and come back to show it to them, how brilliant would that be. When I see Heetal Dattani's work, I often feel this is exactly what she does. You need to read her stories to know that and see her frames laced with the happiest colours that tell your baby's story to see that.
Heetal's Beetle and Bottle is a treasure trove of many such happy tales and i have watched with wonder how each story and each picture is as unique as the child it is made for.

To see more of Heetal's amazing range of work, do click here. And to commission her work, you can write to her at


Purvi said...

That is such a great idea and the work is so so beautiful...WOW!!!!

vandana said...

Great article Vineeta!....I love beetle n bottle stuff ya but didn't know they had so much to offer ...