Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank you BBC Good Homes & Chandana Banerjee!

This is a post i wrote 2 weeks back & it didn't make it to the blog cause I didn't manage to edit the pictures. I thought i must rewrite it but didn't because this was how my life was 2 weeks back. I am finally getting to rest after the looonnggest spell of work work work.
What a blur these days are going in. A blur of activity, work, deadlines. I have been preparing for a BIG exhibition(s) that's coming up along with my other projects. I will keep you guys posted as soon as I have something to show. Everything seems to be gearing up to a crescendo. I have missed all of you & I have missed blogging - how longingly I think of posting these days. I also think fondly of the days when I started blogging & I truly had the time to do it well & lovingly & now I only seem to be running. There are challenges and things I have been avoiding which are bang in front of me saying "Deal with me NOW, I am here". I am a list maker, a deadline meeter & doer, doer, doer. And that's how I'm managing to keep my head above the water - well, almost. And in the middle of all this doing, I must not forget to acknowledge all the goodness that is coming my way in the form of various media mentions and interviews. With a heart full of gratitude, I want to thank Chandana Banerjee of the Pink Elephant Writing Studio for this really well written article in the September Issue of the BBC Good Homes. I'm featured along with the super talented Dithi Chakraborthy of Deezden & Kalyani Ganapathy of Kye. I especially loved the way BBC Good Homes layed out these pages.

It has been a month that has demanded a lot out of me & it has also been a month of amazing acknowledgment. And I stand in the middle of both these polarities and hold myself still, so I can focus better on the work at hand.
Pictures and news of the exhibitions coming up next! Along with some proper blogging which I have truly missed!


Dave said...

My month has been like yours...but for far different reasons! So I totally understand!!

These are beautiful pages...such wonderful art! Thanks for posting these so I could see them!

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Very well done, Vineeta! You deserve all of it and more:)
Wishing you tonnes of success!

deepazartz said...

WOW! Super news and super talented ladies...Just LOVE to see Dithi there too:)
Wishing you the very Best:)

bhumika said...

Way to go lady! all the very best :)

vk said...

Congrats, Vineeta! Very well deserved