Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ship Building Ports of Mandvi - II

Continuing from the last post, more 'pirate ship adventures' from Mandvi, Bhuj. After we climbed across the river onto the boat across a think plank, I really thought - wow! what a day! but clearly there was more adventure in store for us. Sharing with you pictures of the next port we walked into. Here there were real 'ships', far larger, being made & after walking around, we suddenly figured we could actually get 'into' these huge wooden guys. Taking you through ships we climbed into and the unforgettable sights we saw.
Even for a city dweller like me, used to constantly seeing all kinds of construction work at huge scales, I had never seen anything like this. So much wood. It felt like I had walked into another century.

The many square wooden pegs make for unlikely yet effective design embellishments. Form & function :)

The ship rose above us intimidatingly

Climbing into this ship was not as simple as it looked. But the workers were co-operative. Clearly they didn't have visitors too often & they were really sweet to us, and helped us clamour into the huge ships in the making.

This is the sight that met me as soon as I got in. The side walls of the ship.

I cannot describe what it felt like to stand inside here. To see the men dwarfed by the huge ship they were creating all around them, peacefully and quietly working.

Do check out the huge nails that hold the plank on which the man sits.

Stepping out was as tricky as climbing in was.
Whats a port without its life gaurds & anchors. But true to its location, everything here was weathered rusted & looked like it had survived a century and seen sights which it would probably never see again.


Madhu Gopalan said...

Wow wow wow wow! What a treat to the eyes! Thank you so very much for sharing these stunning images! Absolutely love the light against the wood!

Shweta said...

A very nice post. You have made us appreciate the art of ship building. It is simply beautiful....esp the wood and the way it twisted and turned to take a shape of a ship.

Ambika said...

Well clicked photographs! I especially liked the pic of green slippers :)

Sujata said...

Amazing pictures! I have never seen anything quite like this! It makes me want to take a trip to Mandvi, next time I visit India.
Thanks for sharing!

aracne said...

What a fantastic post (also the previous one). Travelling to Kutch and learning about the textile traditions is my dream.

~Undercover Diva said...

awesome photographs - thank you for the tour!


Chandan said...

The photographs are awesome Vineeta. Am amazed at the huge interiors of the vessles..

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Vineeta, I have been touring through your blog and am greatly enjoying the range of topics you explore.. variety is the spice of life... beauty, art and culture... It is all wonderful...
Thank you so much..

I found you by way of my blogging friend, Priya!