Monday, January 16, 2012

Window display fun.

Paper art, embroidery, space age, christmas, and no wait - a bloody stuffed elephant, and then the menagerie! Where does all this come together you are wondering. We are talking window displays. If you think this is an extension of harmless window shopping -think again. This is clearly where advertising's cutting edge is at. Yes. The window. And there's some serious art and some even more serious fun happening here.
Beginning with the sane ones

Till here we saw pretty, now begins the fun.
.Macy's Christmas window display @ Union Square was all sci-fci
Giant white and gold paper flowers floating up & PAPER TYPOGRAPHY!! How exciting is this!
Its amazing to see crafty techniques scaled up so effectively.
Below is whatever picture I could take without a million people walking across it. Its was bang at Union Square where we waited for the cable car. JOY IT UP is what the complete window reads like. Take a closer look!

Now for the most dramatic window display of the lot! I was walking past this at the Korean Incheon Airport and stopped dead in my tracks. What was this???!!!

You can read about the 1st ever Louis Vuitton Airport store and the complete dope on why Incheon was chosen.
This led me to the Louis Vuitton website. Click here to experience some sheer cinematic Indian poetry on their website. Completely worth the loading time :)


Swathi said...

Thanks for sharing these Vineetha !! I specially liked the I am dreaming off window !!

Prachee said...

Thanks for sharing them, lovely displays!! specially the elephant one, infact u cant pick any one...all are great with super detailing....

Lou Belcher said...

Wonderful photos.


indian yarn said...

one of my neighbors down the road is a visual director for Daffy's. She does their window display and her house is part of the ware house where she stores all the props that she makes. It is a treasure trove, the size of everything that she makes is huge. Her house is full of elements that you can never see in a store or in a designers home - It was an amazing afternoon where we spend 5 hours -

I echo what everyone has said - All your photographs are poster worthy...

vineeta said...

Swathi, I just wanted to get right into the window when I saw it.

Prachee, My hot favourite is the Louis Vuitton series - and yes, cant pic one fav :)

Lou, thank you!

vineeta said...

Indian Yarn,
How lucky are U?? :) :) My head is already full of images of what her home would be like. And 5 full hours. How cool is that!
And thank you for the compliment, It always means much coming from you.

Sound Horn Please said...

Vineeetaaa! I'm going to spend the next 1 hr going through all your posts- I've missed SO much! Louis Vuitton has pretty much the same window displays here on 5th ave. I spent day clicking photos of all the Christmas window displays here on 5th ave. You are inspiring me to do a post-my photos are NO where near as nice as yours though!

Dora said...

Nice pieces.. I love the paper tyography..

indian yarn said...

Vineeta, I am lucky if I am making them :)

Dr Sonia S V said...

Awesome photography the quilling[ paper typography] and the paper flowers looked especially wonderful
Cheers from Bangalore, India

aliah said...

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