Ritika Mittal & Aditya Nair's beautiful home.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home tours are always so much more interesting than any other kind of post. It gives you an opportunity to step into a home you would otherwise have not seen. See a perspective, a way of life so different than your own or similar even. No two homes are alike, like no two people are. A home tells so much about the inhabitants. And so it should come as no surprise that Ritika Mittal's home is as warm, colourful and dramatic as her work Mora is. Each wall and each corner gets its share of attention, care and splash of colour, and yet it doesn't overwhelm. While Ritika's passion for colour and fabric is evident across the home, her husband Aditya Nair's passion for films makes itself evident through the many framed posters of international cinema and the cupboards filled with books on everything from, fiction, art and cinema.

Thai mask above Ritika's custom made curtains.

The 'Idioci' poster attracts the eye and you are further rewarded by interesting frames picked up from the streets of London and that lovely tin with the Klimt print on it. I love anything Klimt.(do click on the 2nd link, its a beautiful website that showcases his work so beautifully)

It cannot be that Ritika Mittal's home doesn't have generous doses of Nagaland. She loves that place like her own.

The striking red painting is by Shail Belani.
Ritika's & Aditya's walls have fun things to say :)
Cheerfully dancing Shiva on a red serving tray :)

There is love in every corner in this home. Top: passage to the bedroom has my favourite aged and handpainted tiles from Jaipur. And below is the couple's shoe rack, sorry, shoe trunks, handpainted by Ritika herself.

The bathroom door on the left gets finger printed flowers by Ritika & the right hand corner has paintings by none other than Dithi Chakraborty :) Not to miss the checkered bright curtains designed by her.
Isn't this idea so simple, doable & dramatic?
And did you think I could go on before I stopped by Dithi's paintings.
The bedroom has curtains designed by Ritika in warm tones, from yellow to red, with her trademark patchwork. I went to her place as she was preparing to host a large party at her place. But she was still the perfect host & that's my glass of water served on a tray on the bed.
And from the beautiful bedroom we step into the gorgeous balcony and here is where things get really interesting. I was debating whether to begin the post with pictures of this, then I thought I must take you through the home tour the way I saw it myself.
The bedroom opens out into this generous, sunlit balcony, shaded with chick blinds and dotted with plants.
A close-up of the stools bought from Oshiwara (A road in Andheri where you get all kinds of furniture, antique and brand new)
As I was clicking the balcony, Ritika was tying up these little beautifies to hang up.
The gorgeous piece de resistance in Ritika's balcony. Her Bani Thani coffee table. Ritika bought the tiles a few years back from Jaipur and recently made it into a table.
And because I couldn't have enough of it, I thought you too will enjoy another angle of this inspired piece of furniture.
Ritika told me that none of the stuff in her home costs the heaven and the earth. But the fact is it all still looks like a million bucks :)

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