Wooden Painted Furniture, Berger Style

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Getting furniture done or getting your home painted can be the most exciting and nerve wracking thing. The exciting parts are when you are referencing what you want and putting your design and fact file together. In our last post we spoke about the different kinds of wall painting and textured wall options that Berger Paints offers. This time we take a look into Wood Paint, wood finishes and Glass Coatings for your home.
Should the furnitue  be wood finished or painted? And if wood, should it be deeper Rosewood or would you want to go for the bleached wood look. Matt or Glossy, so many considerations and so many options. And in furniture, what does your style veer into, antique and ornate old carved wood or new age cleaner lines and geometric cuts. Or just simple and elegant clean and classic lines, not modern, not antique.
If you are like me, you already have your Pinterest boards choc a bloc with your preferred styling and furniture references, Here I’ve pulled out a few examples of different looks you can pull together depending on what your tastes run into, If painting your lovely wooden furniture feels like a risk, you can check out my Pinterest board on Painted Furniture right here & see a whole bunch of how different kinds of Furniture can look, once painted.
 I love the clean lines in this chest of drawers by Twig and Thyme Design here, the Quincy Bed by Ethan Allen Design  -  the curves are there, but not overly carved. And furniture painted in Navy blue and indigo completely calls to me right now. 

 Here’s one more gorgeous example of how a pop of navy on a classic and old piece of furniture can give it a new lease of life. This image on the left from Jungalow and the piece of antique loveliness on the right from woodspa shines in different shades of blue.  

 Getting a little more adventurous here, this is how you get furniture to really build character in your home, be it with a happy spot of bright yellow or chalkboard black painted sideboard on which you can write. 
And here is a lovely montage of Vintage goodness in shades of buttercup yellow and pale teal. 

 And if modern clean lines are your thing then take a look at how you can add personality with clean geometric lines, you will find the sources here

The beauty of exploring on Pinterest is the gorgeousness it throws at you. Because it has a pulse on your design aesthetic.

So discovered this amazing looking side cupboard by Boca do Lobo.

Whatever your tastes run into, Berger Paints has a great range of Wall Paints, Wood paints (Imperia Colour Zone) for your furniture and wood finishes, if painted furniture is your thing. And if you would rather that your furniture is not painted and the thought of covering up lovely natural wood grain with paint horrifies you, then Berger also has a range of food finishes that more than cover the ususal Matt, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.
And if you are painting your home, Berger makes picking the right shade easy for you, just choose your palette and specific shade from this extenive and exhaustive online Color Catalogue.
Berger also has a really interesting array of Glass Coatings, which can be great solutions at home and in an office space. Neutral shaded glass dividers can demarcate spaces while keeping the sense of openness. 

 Berger Glass surfaces are a great idea for kitchen walls. Brings in a splash of colour and shine. And super easy to keep clean and sparkly. 
 The other very exciting possibility that is possible with Berger’s Customisable designs is what we can explore with frost finishes for windows. For most of us in cities, privacy and light both are paramount, and frosted glass is the window solution that lets us have both together. And with a bit of thought and effort in design, we can create unique and simple designs for our windows. Among Berger’s Glass Coatings, are different options for Frost and coloured but transparent coatings. You can find all the options on this link and you can download their lookbook on this page for all the possible options and details.  
Talk of the proverbial glass ceiling, on a serious note, Glass ceilings may prove to be a glamorous and unexpected ceiling solution, especially for offices. 

And finally leaving you all with this cheerful homey image of glass bottles painted in gold and metallic silver. Berger’s Imperia Glass Gold makes this possible. Imperia Gold Glass Coatings comes in Clears as well as in Opaque Variety. Clears include Matt & Gloss. Clear Matt Finishes will provide you Frosted look on Glass. Clear Gloss needs to be tinted with special Dyes : Imperia Gold Glass Coating Dyes to obtain tinted transparent look. Frosted finishes too can be tinted with Imperia Gold Dyes. 
This is a DIYers dream come true. There needs to be no limit to experimenting now. I got excited when I saw this image in he Berger Website and asked if Imperia Glass Gold comes in spray bottles, no it doesn't, but spray or no spray, a lot of fun can still be had with gold paint and glass bottles and good old masking tape. 

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