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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

When you travel, there are moments when you experience magic. You just know that the next moment will not be the same, none of it, the light, the air, the place will remain the same, so you try and capture the moment in your heart and then as next best as a frame in your camera. It is this longing and inspiration that you carry in your heart that Berger Paints tries to help you capture. In their collection called Inspirations. Inspired and re-imagined from travels across the world . The range not only gives you many examples of finishes, that helps you choose which texture you might want, but also the tools that can help achieve it.
The Berger Paints website, catalogue and look book, list out such a diverse and generous range of textures and finishes. So there is enough to choose from if you have been thinking of textures on your walls.

Textured Walls done right spell character like nothing else can. It sets the mood, simply because it is not predictably smooth and even. And it catches light differently each time.  

I’m listing out a few of my favourite finishes from the Berger range in their lookbook right here.

A softer version of the same finish
The subtler versions of the finish would look like this

If you have been one of the lucky people to have walked the trails of Macchu Picchu, you know it will be a memory etched in your heart forever, and not that you need a visual reminder to reignite your memories or the experience, but when I saw the inspiration for the “Spatulato “ wall finish, I could not help but smile.

Fabric clad walls have always had a spot with me. And the “Fabrica” range of matt finish range got me really excited with the possibilities – Fabric you say? And why not Denim? Indigo on the walls not only looks gorgeous but also lends an air of mystery, add to this the Denim connotation and you even bring in fun and sexy. How do you even say no to the thought – here is what I dug out of pinterest in my search for the true blue.

Click here for a detailed tutorial on the lovely Heathered Nest Blog

And admittedly not the whole world is a lover of blue. How gorgeous will the “fabrica” look in pastel shades of pink.

The Fabrica with hints of gold will also make for some seriously classy walls

That brings us to a touch of gold on your walls..

Gold and metallic finishes in interiors are a great way to bring a touch of formal or even Royal if that’s what your tastes runs into – it’s a great option for both the living room and Lounge. But even used in the bedroom like this example here, it can be interesting.

The Berger Silk Illusion Series shows how to work the Silk Vintage, in 4 finishes – Crepe, Fabrica, Artistic and Sprinkle in a simple and descriptive video which spotlights both the products the techniques and the tools with which to achieve the effects. The video is o easy to follow that if one were so inclined, one could attempt a complete DIY on your wall, yourself  - and how exciting that would be. 

I’ve often felt and even experienced that the real fun happens when you can push the envelope and control the effects, so that you finally get what you want on your walls. And like all experiments, because we are all not born painters, leave room for error, begin in inconspicuous corners rather than start right in the middle of your living room wall. Try what you want in the corners, and once you get the hang of it, you can confidently move across your entire wall. Knowing that there will be surprises and it has so often happened to me, that I initially don’t like the surprise that ‘happens’ but then in the long run, I see the beauty of things turning out just the way it did. It was meant to happen.

Berger has  many options of gold and metallic options on their pages, but for me, rather than having a whole wall done in gold, the possibilities of unexpected hints of gold peeping out of a textured wall feels infinitely more appealing.

Another favourite from their range is the “wifi” design – it is the cutest and ofcourse you can do it in the colors that work best for you,

Inspired by the sculptural magnificence and smoothness of the Trevis Fountain in Rome, seen famously in the movies “the Roman Holiday” the eponymous “ Three coins in the fountain”  - Berger’s “whipped cream” is another texture that I really liked from the range. It is both soft and soothing without being boring.

And this is not all. Traditionally painting takes long. It can get tedious, anyone who has painted their home knows this. So to ease the agony, Berger even offers an “Express Painting” option, when you have to get your results FAST. Hit up this link to see the details of what they offer.

Its great to be back to this blog after 2 whole years. And everything has changed. And not as well. I still love décor, And I’m still endlessly curious about creating a beautiful space out of what was absolutely regular. That’s why when Berger wrote to me about their Wall texture Range, it was the final push I needed to come back to this space, and restart the conversation with all of you. 

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