The Love Art & Pop Up event at The Spiritual Company

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Love Art and Pop Up show that happened at The Spiritual Company will be special to me for many reasons - the 1st reason being The Spiritual Company  - I can never have enough of this place - and its people - who are mine more than anything else. It felt like doing a show with your family - the comfort, the happiness, the sheer ease with which the set up happened was what we were all speaking about. And this was the 1st time we put this together - so we were not entirely sure of how many people will come in. Some 11 people were exhibiting for the 1st time - we just wanted it to work out for people - for them to go back with a memorable experience. So it was amazing to see the 2 days go by happily. And like I have said here before - its a great show - when you want to but don't have the time to shoot - so I came in early on Sunday & got my shots - and yet I still missed some of my favourite tables.

 Check out Goodie Bag & its FB page right here.

 I just loved Kaizin's very different  and detailed art. This was the 1st time she was ever exhibiting her work.
 Manasi Kadne launched her geometric and graphic nosepics - loved her display!
 Learning Room had some really fun stuff for kids

The Hair Kitchen had some truly nourishing 'food' for your hair & its health.
 Free Spirited was there with their gorgeous happy clothes.
The  Art&light stall @ Love Art & pop up
 Loved Leenata's display at the Love Art & pop up show!
 This is her FB page for those who want to get in touch with her for handpainted cakes

And I have saved the best for the last ~ The exciting sooper fun Flashmob by The Spiritual Company's Rakhi Suryavanshi & gang - got everyone on the floor & grooving. You should've been there. These pictures are not a patch on what really happened.

 For those who feel gyms are boring & have a yen for dancing - Rakhi Suryavanshi's dancercise is the solution to fitness & boundless energy. 

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