Painting Lotuses in The Spiritual Company

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For so many of you who have wanted to know about my work and journey and inspiration, in many ways this post holds the answer. In 2008, I was working as an art director in advertising, I wanted to quit but didn't know how. There were EMIs to be paid. A close friend had recommended I try this, so I signed up for a course and that is how I met my teacher, Prasad Karmarkar. I knew I had found my home and my path. I didn't know how much my life will change - but change it did. I left my job to start making products - all of you who have been following my blog know how. One small step at a time. I met people who became my anchors and stay so till date. Reiki and meditation became a way of life.
But the biggest thing I found was courage. To live my life, on my own terms. I learnt that leaving my comfort zone will give me my biggest rewards, I learnt to have fun and to explore. I learnt 1st hand the power of prayer. My brand Artnlight and my products are a result of this process. 
Last year we finally got a place which we could call our own and a new name "The Spiritual Company". Why "company"? because that's where you are in the company of people with whom you can pray, sing, dance & crack up. And have the most fun in the world. I also got an opportunity - actually a privilege -  of painting - a part of the walls and the cupboards of this amazing space.

Once again I was doing something that was completely out of my comfort zone. While I learnt art in college - it was "Applied art" and I do not consider myself a painter or an artist who paints by any stretch of my own imagination. In my head I'm more of a designer which is a whole universe away from being and 'artist' who paints. And yet here I was standing on ladders, painting large lotuses - learning how acrylic paint behaves on walls- how certain colours become darker when dry and others lighter. How you need at least 2 coats for the paint to sit smooth. But the biggest thing I learnt perhaps is that when you don't attempt something you think is 'big' - it is only your own definition that limited you in the 1st place. That and what you loose by not starting something because it scares the daylights out of you. 
I cannot even begin to tell you what it means for my art to be an integral part of the space that means everything to me. 
 This has taken time, way more time than I imagined. I have painted this slowly, petal by petal, over months.

While painting I hardly clicked pictures. Infact there is more progress than seen here. I realised that I had more pictures clicked on my phone and on my instagram. Those of you who have followed my feed must have seen this as it was coming along - realtime. 
 Why didn't I share this earlier - because this is really a very personal part of my journey - and also because my teacher Prasad always says - "Be a submarine. Work silently, and let the work speak for itself"
To know more about The Spiritual Company click on their website. There are many training programmes, therapies and techniques including Reiki, Yoga, Counselling, Dancercise and more. This is the facebook page, you can like it follow it for updates.
But all these are just words - how can one begin to describe the grace and the beauty and the precious experiences that only being in that moment can make you live. The work that we do is at the core of every good thing that is my life. It is what holds me strong and gives me faith and gives me the most sparkling mad happy moments of my life. 
The Spiritual Company's 1st anniversary celebrations are on right now. And we kick started it with a performance by the super talented duo Bindhumalini who sings regularly at the Kabir festival and her husband Vasu Dixit of the Swarathma band. Stay tuned for another super exciting event announcement about the Spiritual Company. Coming up next.

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