Love Art & Pop up @ The Spiritual Company

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

And here's the news I wanted to share with all of you! Announcing the Love, Art & Pop-Up Show at The Spiritual Company.(blogged about this here) June 27 & 28. Please mark your calenders & be there. It will be a celebration of Art, creativity, Fashion, Food and the spirit of entrepreneurship above all else. 
Putting this together has been a heartwarming experience and there will be many 1st timers - like I once was. Do, do come, we will all be there with what we do best. 
This is the event page - please click on it & click "Join". 
Without much ado - announcing a few of the participants. 

Atechi, derived from an old Indian word ‘attaichi’, means suitcase, a portable box full of clothes. As the name resonates, Atechi is a box full of clothes; a clothing library that showcases works of various designers and makes them accessible through the buying options of Rental and EMI.

This is their FB page. Do like them and come and check out their designer wear. 

Learning Room is a refreshing blend of learning and home décor. Designed to make every moment that mum and babies share an enriching, playful and joyous one.
"Through my own experiences as a mum, and my profession as a graphic designer, I would like to reach out to other mums. To share and experience what I am experiencing. To make every moment with their baby an enriching, playful and joyous one." Neha Mittal

Pig : oink cushion cover 12"
Embroidered on 100% cotton pre washed fabric

And Neha is introducing a NEW concept just in time for the Love Art & Pop-up event!

This is the Cover Page, customise your travelogue with your name, passion and favorite colour. Eg: Travelogue of Chef Riya, Travels of Astronaut Kabir - So cool !!
Learning Room on FB. You can check this page to see her entire collection. And good news! For those of you who can't make it for this show - She also sells on Amazon

Leenata is an artist I have admired for the longest time. And she is part of this show. Whether its her paintings or her cakes or her persona - there is grace and beauty in everything she does. 
Art. Design. Styling. 

Leenata is also a Tarot reader and will have Tarot sessions at the Love Art & Pop Up show. 
This is Leenata's FB page

And there's more coming up!! Stay tuned. And all of you in Bombay- DO DO come. You will get to see The Spiritual Company. I will look forward to meeting all of you. Art&Light products will be there. Plus you will get to meet all these gorgeous people and their amazing work. 
PLUS there will be Make up Workshops & Posture Workshop and Tarot Sessions.
Lots to look forward to!!
June 27 - Saturday - 10am - 9 pm + June 28 - Sunday - 10am- 6pm
This is the event page - please click on it & click "Join". And do spread the word.
This is the address: 001, A Wing,Ground Floor, Ruby House, J K Sawant Street,Dadar West,Lane Next to Plaza Cinema,Opposite McDonalds, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400028. Ph: 022 2438 2626

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