Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Beginnings

This probably the most personal post I've ever written. 2 years back when I started blogging if someone told me it would change my life, I wouldn't have believed them & if someone told me it would change my career graph I'd have laughed out loud. But that's exactly what has happened. I just loved this world where I could write about all that I loved, meet many people across the globe who thought like me and who were inspired and moved by things that inspired and moved me. As I met more and more bloggers online who were following their heart, doing the things that they wanted to, there was a part of me who was dying to do the same. I kept writing about things I liked- And somewhere down the line I started doing more than that. I started 'doing' and 'making' things that I liked. And that's when things started changing for me.
I got an opportunity to take part in an exhibition for which I created things that I never knew I could make. The sales were good but I still didn't think too much about it. As usual I posted about it on this blog & that's when the response started coming in. There were orders & shops were writing to me and many of you wrote to me individually as well with your orders. And suddenly it looked as if this thing had a future.
So this is the month, my readers, that I go independent. Where I make a transition from being an advertising art director to an entrepreneur. I have just said goodbye to about a decade of corporate life. To smell the salt of freedom. To do what I want to do.
It is exciting. And scary. What if someone just told you, you could live your dreams, and suddenly your dreams were not your dreams anymore but your reality. I feel a bit like that now. Like I'm standing on the threshold of a whole new life. A life where I really don't know how things work, where I need to learn most things that are absolutely essential to function. Its like going to country you've always wanted to, things look beautiful, you are happy, but you don't really know the language. So I will learn, cause here is where I want to be.
Yes, it does mean this blog will be more active :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the future. I know this part of my journey will be beautiful, and all of you will be a large part of it. Wish me luck :)


pRiyA said...

you are standing on the edge of a cliff and getting ready to soar! isn't it exciting?

Meghana Naidu said...

oh wow.

ive been a regular stalker on your blog for long and your work is just so brilliant.
my mom is an artist too and she loves your work as well!

its amazing to read about your new decision :)
wish you all the luck!

lots of <3


Once Upon A Tea Time said...

This has to be my most favorite among all your posts! It is wonderful to hear that you are going to be living your dream. Wishing you all the very best!

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

YAY! Congratulations on taking the big step! Best wishes, Laura

Dithi said...

Dear Vineeta,

I am happy to know that you have decided to follow your heart. I wish you all the very best and KNOW that you are going to be fab doing the things you like to do the most, YOUR WAY :)!


vineeta said...

Priya, Thanx so much for saying that- this edge of the cliff business is slightly giddy making :)

Meghna, I'm glad you stopped to comment. Thank you for saying you like my work & thank you for showing it to your mom. And for all your wishes :)

vineeta said...

Aditi. thanx so much! Been meaning to tell you, your blog is just brilliant!!!

laura, thanx so much for your best wishes!!! :)

Dithi, thanx much! I so wish what you say comes true :)!

sudha said...

hey vineeta

I had bookmarked your blog a long time back, I really dont remember for how long, but i know it was long enough to see it grow from a few posts to here it is now....bravo!..

All the very best for everything you are looking forward to in your life. Your work and your blog have been a way for me to inspire quite a few artist friends of mine.

take care

your unofficial PR agent! ;)

Arch at Rang said...

Oh Vineeta,

This is such an exciting phase of any creative individual's life. I am so happy for you....I still remember those early days when you started Art n Light and have seen your progression into an artist....

Lovely and wish you the very best in life!!!



Sangitha said...

hey Vineeta,

This is just great!!all the very best.I know how u may be feeling now, with butterflies in ur stomach but ppl who put in their heart into their work are sure to grow.

shilpa said...

I stumbled on your blog a while ago and have been folowing ever since.
I have loved the way you brought, art and artists together, and exulted happily when you had your first exhibition...
From someone who is still finding her way, you have a gift and you are blessed that you have realised it.
All the best and success in your venture!

Random Thoughts said...

All the very very best Vineetha!! you have only one way to go babe... that is up... its scary, yes....but so totally worth it babe... and yes...the comfort of a regular job kind of dims the dreams that we set out with...the only way to ignite them, is by chasing them....i speak from experience... it will be totally rewarding... good luck!!

Riddhi said...

So be it x 3! Love.

Shalini said...

Oh Wow, congrats on taking the big step. You're a wonderful artist and I'm sure you'll do very well.


Wonderful. All good wishes for this new beginning.

Diana Strinati Baur said...

Your work is so beautiful, honest and pure. I just am so happy for you. I actually got goosebumps when I read your post. This is a BRAVE thing to do and I commend you for doing it. A self determined life is full of challenges but full of gifts as well. Today I wish you focus, peace, concentration, health, creativity, energy and love. Reject fear, it contracts. I am happy to know you through this medium of the Internet.

All good things. That is what I wish for you.

Patricia Torres said...

oh wow!! Congrats... and wish you all the luck in the world!! Its a great feeling to live your dreams... and not everyone gets that opportunity.. So way to go.. girl!!!!

Am waiting patiently to see all your posts.

karthik c said...

awesome ! all the best :-)

Renji said...

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams." Go Vinchi! Wish you the very best and all the success in this new journey!

Smita said...

All the best to you. You deserve all luck.

Preethi Prabhu said...

Hey Vineeta,
Its also my dream to be an Entrepreneur and im so happy its coming true for you... i can feel the butterflies in your stomach and the anticipation... I wish you all the very best.
I would love to feature your art on my blog, and hey!! i simply must own one of your gorgeous trays, you tell me how :)

veda murthy said...

hey vin!

I wish u more success in all ur endeavours...hope ur new dreams turn in to a fab reality and they bring u a lot of joy and success!!!!!!!

Regards n Big HUGs


absolutelyawesomethings said...

You will be fine,your work is beautiful!Hard work,prayers,enjoying every step and thinking positive.Good luck

bhumika said...

Everyone has a dream but very few dare to live it. Am glad you've taken this step. It's always difficult to get out of the comfort zone and start anew. But then, i am more than sure that THIS change is definitely for good :)

i wish you all the very best and pray that you enjoy this new experience to the fullest :) if i could be of any help, i'll be more than happy :)

Priya said...

Congrats! and all de best!!
Have been reading you for some time now...first time commenting here..
Wish you success :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Congratulations vinita.
Artnlight is one of the first blogs I came through in the blogging world.U are a serious lover of arts and may god bless you in your endeavours.Best of luck.
Lakshmi at Celebrations

vineeta said...

Sudha, thanx for your comment & for being my unofficial PR agent :) :) I'm glad you put in a comment here, so I know you better :) i also checked out your cool 'design enthusiast' blog :)

Archana, thanx for being an inspiration to me & so many people by doing what you really love with a lot of love. I remember you asking me where were my posts when I had only uploaded my banner LOL!!! :)

Sangita, thanx so much for your wishes & i had fun looking at your 'bomai golu' collection!!

Shilpa, thanx for leaving a comment and letting me see your heartfelt blog 'the reluctant homemaker' I had a great time reading it. And thanx much for your wishes!

vineeta said...

Madhu, thanx a ton for what you said! i'm going to remember this :)

Riddhi, thanx so much! you are a huge inspiration to me & you know that.

Shalini, thanx a million!!

Embellisher, thanx so much, people like you are a huge inspiration for me.

Diana, thanx, your comment means much to me & I think in moments when I need strength, i will keep coming back to this post and your comment.

vineeta said...

Patricia, thanx so much for your wishes!

Karthik c, thanx much! :)

Renji!!! Is this my cousin Renji??!! Thanx so much for 1, reading this blog & 2, for actually stopping by to comment!! this is special, trust me :)

Smita, thanx a million!

Preeti, thanx for stopping by to comment. I was like you, I dreamt of this & today its coming true.
I would be happy to be featured on your blog. Do write to me on & you can also buy any tray that you want :)

Tanveer Farooqui said...

.... bohot khush quismat log hi apne dil ki aawaz ko fallow karte hain...... Naee shuruwat ke liye dher saari mubarakbaad !!

vineeta said...

Veda, thanx so so much for all your wishes & a big hug right back!!

Sophie, thanx so much for stopping by & saying what you did, & because you stopped by, I got a look into your blog with its many stunning images- thank you!!!

Bhumika, thanx so much for saying what you did. I dearly wish to meet you on my next trip to Ahmedabad. I thought you were to come here to bombay- do informe me when you do.

Priya, thanx for stopping by & commenting- by this i got a peep into your lovely love filled world & your 2 kids. Thanx for your wishes!

Lakshmi, thanx so much. Its great to see your blogging going strong. All the best!

vineeta said...

tanveerji, bohut bohut shukriya :)

Meera Vasudev Srinivasan said...

Vineeta, i have followed your blog for the longest time and admired your art work with a great deal of envy.... it is wonderful to see your gorgeous handiwork and your dreams become reality......congratulations and all the very best at the threshold of this beautiful new journey you are embarking's to you!

ArtPropelled said...

Wow, this is exciting news!Congratulations on taking this big step that will certainly change your life. I did it and I know so many people who have done the same thing and we've never looked back. Vineeta, I'm so looking forward to seeing more posts about your new journey.

neeta said...

Hey Vineeta,
I have been following your blog regularly.. and needless to say it simply has been a treat!
So good to hear that you all set to begin something so exciting and your that of your 'own'...
Congratulations on the decision and all the very best for the venture!

herhimnbryn said...

Here because Robyn at Art Propelled pointed me in this direction....I too am stopping the regular income to take a chance with my art and get it out there. Thankyou for this post, so inspiring and I wish you good fortune with your new journey.

Lavani said...

Good Luck . Looking fwd . for more of your posts .

Anaka said...

That's so fantastic! Congratulations on your brave decision and I'm sure you'll do great! Wishing you lots of luck and success.

Marise said...

All the best Vineeta ..... I know how you feel at this point in time .... its scary yet exciting.... all the best

vineeta said...

Robyn, you are a huge inspriration for me. & when you say 'we've never looked back', it is really re-assuring.
ANd a horribly behaving computer is keeping me away from blogging- it is most frustrating!!!

Plain Vanilla Designs said...

Best of luck! I remember asking you whether you would ever do this as a stand alone career and you had replied in the negative. I'm glad to see you've got the confidence to do this on your own now, all the very best! Love your work, and perhaps I shall be inspired to take the plunge myself one day:)

Sunita said...

Lucky, lucky you! You've taken that step that transforms dream to reality, unlike most people who just spend their whole lives regretting that they did not give more wing to their dream. How exciting!
I wish you all the very best, Vineeta and I'm sure you're going to be a HUGE success.

Twilight Fairy said...

congrats! and guess what!

I have done the same!
I quit my IT industry job in September. :)

Good luck

sharath said...