Monday, August 20, 2007

Beautiful Homes - The Mirza Residence

This is a house of artists. Zaheer Mirza, maverick, creative director, actor, ace cook, design enthusiast, information junkie, seasonal fitness freak and a doting father is a man of many, many, many passions. His warmth is evident in this house from the bright floor cushions to the super colourful childrens' bedroom which is clearly any child's DIY haven. A picture is worth a thousand words. So without much ado, bringin on the eyecandy....!

5 canvas blocks and 4 quick character sketches done by Zaheer announce the home.

A prayer that Inzia learnt at school, framed- welcomes you into the home.

The 1st view of the house.

The living room is bathed in warm tones of orange & picked beautifully by the wood.

The light wood panelling holds the complete home entertainment unit- flat screen, dvd, speakers & cleverly hides the wiring. This is good design.

A turtle & two families :)

Layered curtains, colourful floor cushions & a harmonium. Zaheer's girls, Inzia & Zai are training in Hindustani classical music.

The painting was done by 8 year old Inzia a couple of years back. I told you its a family of artists.

Inzia's black and white sketches.
The dining area. National Geographic prints share space with Inzia's art.

Anybody who has lived and worked in Bombay will recognise that dabba. Only its not the famed lunch carrier but a clever lamp from 'Loose ends'. Music & poster art on coasters.

The madness that was confined to neatly framed paintings breaks loose here. The childrens' bedroom is a riot of colours, toys, hoola hoops. one wall is a softboard and....

....the other wall and the ceilings are an everchanging canvas of play and colour! The walls in this room have been Inzia's and Zai's drawing board from when they were little & it evolves along with them.
The Jute kite is actually a lamp shade that throws interesting patterns across the walls.

Toys R Us

Art in the bedroom.

“A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who doesn't play has lost forever the child who lived in him and who he will miss terribly.” Pablo Neruda.

Zaheer Mirza is a Pablo Neruda fan.


Peggy said...

Vineeta, what a delightful post! And what a delightful happy home. I can feel the love in every shot. I love children's art. You and I must be insympatico today because I was thinking of posting some more of my nephew's art.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful home.

Bhavna said...

Beautiful post Vineeta! Love the feel of 'home' done by the kids, the 'blue' wall, orange curtains...The home in itself looks 'happy'!

P.S: Are you by any chance also called Vini? I had 2 very good friends called Vineeta, and their pet name was Vini. Whenever I post a comment on your blog, I tend to first write 'Vini', and then correct it! ;-)

vineeta said...

Thanx peggy, It is a lovely warm home with very loving people. And Zaheer Mirza happens to be my boss :)
And im really looking forward to seeing some of yr nephews art.

thanx bhavna, my friends do cal me vini- so feel free to :)

Anrosh said...

the kite lamp is wonderfull
i am a sucker for children's paintings. i first saw children's paintings displayed very well on the corridors of citigroup in new york. It bought so much warmth and life to an otherwise boring office rooms.

Peggy said...

I love this home so much I had to take another look. This is the home of your boss? I am envious. Ahh, to work with creative people must be such a joy. His caricatures are darling. Did you have him do one of you?

I love the freedom in the children's room. I was imaging this room in the future and how it will evolve. Perhaps you should do a time progression of this room.

Also want to see more of your home! Keep up the great work.

Arch said...

Hmmm... I was wondering how did you manage to get such intimate pictures of a creative director's home;-)

What an art-full home...I really admire people who let their children's creativity I see that happening....

I completely heart the space where there is a harmonium, floor cushions & light flooding in....
What a great home with children, art and music.

God Bless! You made my day night;-)

vineeta said...

Anrosh, the lamp is indeed a deadly idea :)
Peggy, it is fun to work with creative people & the gentleman in question is a superp entertainer to boot :)
Archana thanx :) and i didn't know these pics were intimate! :)

designflute said...

The love, the playfulness and warmth of the house is unforgettable! Omg! every corner is alive with stories!
Thanks Vineeta, for this post!

Arch said...

Vineeta- :-) By intimate I meant..the way you have captured it, it comes across as a space you are very familiar, close and comfortable in ;-))

vineeta said...

Archana.. im not that "familiar, close and comfortable" I've been there quite a few times.. zaheer is a great host. and throws the most fun parties. but fact is I'd have shot even your place like that.

Vinita said...

wow!!! Beautiful home..aesthetically decorated but very much lived in..(not the museum type)Each member of the family is a part of the home decor and not just a show case home. Do we have loose end in India too? Now a days I have been noticing the trend that most homes in India look so much like the homes abroad.. it is so difficult to tell (just looking at the pictures ) if the home is in India or US

Zaheer said...

Thank you vini for posting my home. I am overwhelmed by the comments. Thank each of the compliments. Vinee has promised to show my washbasin...sooon. Inzia and i like to paint. I must admit that my work was not worth putting up so i have to look at other art galleries :-)
and since childhood i have always wanted to paint my walls. Finally i could and the kids don't mind :-)

Anrosh said...

The power of the blog ! - We have the artist himself on the comment board, what an honor for us.

Nice to meet you and Thanking Vineeta for show casing us your amazing place -It was our pleasure. I couldn't help coming back to see more and more of the creativity.

Vinita said...

The owner and the artiste himself with a post.. what a great treat for us readers. Zaheer when you and your wife were decorating the house, did you have any particular theme in mind or did you just go along with the flow? Do you also change the decor seasonally? I would be interested in seeing your kitchen and worship place too (if its not too personal and ok to make it public) Thank you for making such a wonderful home available for viewing on the internet

vineeta said...

wow! the power of the net & a beautiful home! Im on a bit of a break & what a surprise to see all your comments! Zaheer, Thanx so much for coming on board- you can see the kind of reaction that has elicited :) thanx so much Anrosh & Vinita, you can fire away yr questions the man himself will answer them :) And do check in often cause like Zaheer said- I will feature his wash basin area- which is MOST interesting :)
Vinita, Loose Ends is a shop in Bandra that I was anyway planning on posting about- so watch this space :) This has really made my day- thanx all of u :)

gunJan said...

i can just see all the fun u've been having posting this piece:-)z or anyone's who's had their home showcased so gorgeously is bound to b proud n v grateful - wooooooh!!!

btw, the blue paint n kite lamp r new n absolutely gorgeous

Another Shade of Grey said...

Incredible place. Inzia is very talented.

parinda said...

Wow i love Zaheers home and the way he has used simple and "unarty" stuff so creatively and has turned his home into a warm place. The kids room is way too good and not to forget his amazing caricatures. the kiddy art probably has more meaning than some sky rockettingly priced paintings from renowned artists.

arundati said...

i came here courtesy google in my search for bookshelves....what a wonderful find!! and the home is beautiful....i love the children's art...the parents must be so proud!! i couldnt wait to read anymore before i going back for more...have added you to my favourites!!

vineeta said...

gunjan :) Its me who is amazingly enriched to discover such a fantastic way to share goodies :)

vineeta said...

another shade of grey, i couldn't agree more :)

vineeta said...

Parinda, the kiddy room is the best! and those caricatures at the door is my favourite idea :)

arundati, Its always great to see new readers 'discovering' this space. Im glad u liked it so much :) yes, and the parents actively encourage their creativity :)

TheKeyBunch said...

Wow! A beautiful, warm home, and you can just feel the love coming through. It's a wonderful idea to display kids' arts and craft, and this household is sure encouraging its little ones the right way. Thank you!